25 Simple Tips To Connect With Your Partner


25 Simple Tips To Connect With Your Partner

Having a partner doesn’t guarantee a happily ever after in your relationship, what makes the relationship healthy and happy is the bond between the two in the relationship. The things that connect you when entering a relationship can change over time and these changes may cause a disconnect in your relationship. It might cost you the entire relationship if you don’t focus on ways to stay connected. Staying connected with your partner, both emotionally and physically is vital for a relationship to last long, especially if you are in a long distance relationship. Listed below in this article are few small tips that I believe would help you to connect with your partner.

25 Simple Tips To Connect With Your Partner

Some of these tips mentioned below might take a lot of time and effort, so does a successful marriage, it requires a lot of time and effort. Don’t feel bad if you have lost the connection, you can still rebuild it by following the tips mentioned here.
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1) You could start rebuilding the connection by appreciating something about each other. Sometimes a simple ‘than you’ or ‘you look beautiful today’ is all that takes to get them connected with you. It shows them that you care.

2) Never take your partner for granted. Whatever they do, no matter how big or small it is don’t take it for granted. Remember that there is no law saying that they should be doing this and that for you, so when they do they are doing it out of love towards you. So don’t take that love for granted.

3) Make it intentional. Your spouse and marriage should be a priority. Let them see that you mean what you say, don’t just say your love and care by words, let them know that you would stand by your words. Make them your priority and they would make you theirs.

4) Whether it be a kiss, holding hands or a hug touch them daily. By doing that you are communicating your emotions physically, physical connection is as essential as mental connection when it comes to building a relationship.

5) You cannot connect with your partner if you are disconnected from yourself, so connect with yourself first. Get a clear cut image of why you want to be in a relationship with that person, sort out your priorities, figure out why being that relationship is a must for you. Connect yourself to the relationship then connect with your partner.
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6) Do things together, things like household chores or any because it connects you with your partner. It also builds in certain trust in them, they would know that you got their back.

7) Cheer each other on, don’t make them feel alone, let them know you are there for them in all their ups and downs. Make them realize that you will never leave them on their own if things get difficult.

8) Don’t be judgmental, listen to what they have to say before passing your judgement. You could never connect with your partner if the communication is one sided. Always be accountable.

9) Don’t hide anything from them when you allow them to be a part of your day to day events they would feel connected to you and this would allow them to do the same, so be totally open.

10) Don’t push anything too hard, if they feel uncomfortable with something don’t make them do it. Don’t rush things, be patient.
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11) When you are uncomfortable with something let them know about it, they don’t have mind reading abilities so they can’t figure out what’s going through your mind unless you tell them that. It’s always better than holding a grudge, not letting them know about things that trouble you would never help you in connecting with them.

12) Don’t relegate your relationship to scraps of leftover time. A relationship requires lot’s of attention and time, it should have new fun filled adventures to stay fresh. Spend some quality time with your partner, even on your busy schedules remember that they are your number one priority and whatever you are doing is to keep the relationship fresh and happy, so give them the due time they deserve.

13) Don’t let technology increase the gap between you and your partner. Turn off these electronics now and then and focusing on the person would come a long way in connecting with them.

14) Let them know that you care, let them know that you want to be a part of their life, their activities.

15) Be sure to focus on your partner’s accomplishments. I am pretty sure you used to before tying the knots then why stop after?
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16) Get romantic with your partner very often, what can be a better way to keep the connection flowing than being romantic?

17) Be interested in your partner’s interests, get to know their likes and ambitions and help them in achieving that, this would enable them to commit to you and the relationship.

18) Let some humor fill in your relationship, laugh with them a lot, it will create a positive bond.

20) Tell your partner how much you love them and appreciate them, be grateful for their lives and thank them for choosing to spend their live with you every day. Let them realize how much they means to you. Never hide your feelings, free flow it, let them realize that you don’t just love in words but can prove it in action to.
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21) Eye to eye connection is a must to connect with your partner. Connect with your partner using your eyes when you are speaking to each other. This would allow you both to look in to each other’s true self, eyes never lie. When you feel confident sharing each other thoughts when looking at each others eyes, you can be sure that you are in the right relationship.

22) When two people feel disconnected, it’s important to remember what brought them together in the first place. Focus on how the other person has changed their life for good and remember what would happen to the same life if the relationship crumbles. before loosing hope in the relationship try to remember why you have started the relationship in the first place and how important it is for your happiness.

23) If you want to emotionally and physically connect with your partner flirting is the best way. Flirt with them there’s nothing wrong in that. Just because you have them all for yourself doesn’t mean you should stop flirting. Flirting with them even after years of being together would let them know that the love you have for them has not faded yet.

24) Focus on what you value in your partner, not on what you don’t like, this will create the arena for connection. Focus on how having them in your life would help improve your life.

25) Travel together to different places, plan for fun dates and alone time together. Couples who travel together stays together. Each new trip will get you closer to the, you would do things together and would work on a common goal.
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These are some of the many tips that could help maintain the bond between you and your loved one.