6 Ways to Stop Glorifying Busy and Start Living Instead!

6 Ways to Stop Glorifying Busy and Start Living Instead
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6 Ways to Stop Glorifying Busy and Start Living Instead!

Some people have a weird mentality, that a busy person is a successful person. And a successful person is a happy person. This whole ideology is wrong from the very beginning. While being busy is good, ideal even for a healthy mind and body, being busy and overworked are not the same. For a happy life, it is essential that a person strikes a balance between work and leisure. People unnecessarily glorify being busy as if they are the most important people in the world. Actually, happy people are the ones who know where to draw the line and start living. [ Read: Living Together Happily – 10 Cohabitation Tips For Couples ]

If anything, being busy denotes that the person does not know how to work smart, and how to take time out for himself, which is not a very healthy thing.  Here are a few surefire tips for getting work done, yet have a happy life.

  1. Work is only at office

The moment you step in your office, you are bombarded with loads and loads of work – deadlines, meetings, closures, conferences, etc. Good enough. When in office, you are expected to work. However, the problem starts when you start taking your work home with you. The key to a peaceful life is to leave the work in office itself. It is very easy than it may not appear. For example, if you have an issue, or a problem at work, you will only be able to solve it when you go there the next day, so why fuss over it and spoil the time you spend at home? [ Read: 15 Ways To Deal With The Workaholic Boyfriend! ]

  1. Plan your weekends

Weekends are a breath of fresh air, they are here to give us a break from the daily grind and let us re-energies ourselves. Plan your weekends and accommodate activities that you do not get to do through the week. Take a picnic, read a book, paint or do some sculpting, anything that helps you unwind. Also, planning your weekends will keep you piqued through the week and give you something to look forward to. You may not end up doing the things that you initially planned, but its all right. Planning is half the fun.

  1. Have some me time everyday

After a busy day at work, it is essential for you to spend some quiet time with yourself. You need not do anything, just sit down, be calm and reflect on the happenings of the day. Focus your energies on the positive and smile. Me time also gives you time to prioritize and plan your days ahead. Some quiet time after a tiring day helps your body rest, and your mind unwind, hence you feel all the more fresh and energetic. [ Read: 39 Best Inspirational Quotes of All Time ]

  1. Give time to family

Families are people you love and who love you. They are the people who understand and cherish you. Spending time with the family is very important. You should know what they are going through, and share your thoughts, problems and concerns too. Make it a fun evening by playing some board games and having a happy, good time. Also, often in our daily rush and grind we tend to ignore our family or take them for granted. This is what results in family problems, which is not healthy for anyone.

  1. Start a hobby

Having a hobby is a great thing, you get to do something for yourself and let your creativity flow. There are no set rules for having a hobby, it is something you do because you enjoy it and it gives you a sense of accomplishment. And that is what matters, having a sense of fulfillment, especially after you are mostly caught up with work. A hobby can be something as simple collecting coins to something as creatively fulfilling like photography. [ Read: 10 Tips to be Good Friends with your Co-Workers ]

  1. Priorities

Prioritizing gives one a sense of organization in life. It is a mental and behavioral way of ensuring that each person and each task is in place. Prioritizing is also essential because it is neither possible, nor healthy, to do a number of different things at one go. Hence, prioritizing will help you understand and schedule things you need to do in a more comprehensive order. Having some organization is essential if you want to get work done in a timely manner.

There you go, adapt these points in your life and start living your life actually. Being engaged in work all the time will take a toll on your well-being in the long go, hence it is detrimental. The points mentioned above are easy to adapt and very helpful. A few steps everyday will ultimately take you towards the ultimate goal of having a fuller, richer and more meaningful life. After all, that is what we are looking for in life – happiness, peace and joy. Stop looking for it in the wrong places and focus on being more harmonious.