Dating Attitudes that Push Away Partners from Each Other

Dating Attitudes that Push Away Partners from Each Other

Dating Attitudes that Push Away Partners from Each Other

No two individuals are the same. When you date someone, you need to remember this fact and adjust yourself according to your partner. The personalities of the both of you should remain attuned to each other at least when you are together. The more similar you are, the lesser will be the differences. You need to avoid any sort of behavior which could bring trouble in your relationship. The thing is that no matter how hard we try, we commit certain mistakes or blunders when we are dating someone. You have a greater chance of making these mistakes when you are dating someone for the first time. [ Read: Do Opposites Attract or Push Each Other Away? ]

Here are eight dating attitudes that push away partners from each other:

  1. Getting desperate

In a relationship, a person could have some expectations or goals which they would like to be fulfilled. The desperation could be for various things. You could be in a hurry to get intimate with your partner or take a giant leap in the relationship when your partner is not ready. While it is alright to have expectations from a relationship, being desperate is not cool. If you are desperate about something, your partner will sense it and they will not like it. [ Read: Find out are You Losing a Friend or Just Drifting Away? ]

  1. Laid back attitude

Your partner should feel that you are serious about the relationship. Getting late for dates, not replying to messages or not returning calls is simply not acceptable. If your partner gets an indication that you are not serious about the relationship or not giving it enough attention, they will leave you. Sometimes, even though we love our partner we tend to take the relationship for granted and fail to nurture it. This, eventually, results in the relationship falling apart.

  1. Temperamental behaviour

There are some people who have temper issues. These people burst out like volcanoes at several occasions. You must learn to channel your anger in the right direction and stop yourself from letting your temper take your loved ones away from you. If you scream and shout at your partner regularly or are always in a bad mood, they will start moving away from you. If you have tried to get rid of your bad temper in the past and failed, now is the time when you should start trying again. You cannot expect your partner to pt up with your temper forever. [ Read: 11 Clear Giveaways of an Emotionally Unavailable Man ]

  1. Not keeping promises

You might have made some promises to your partner or there might have been a few instances when your partner asked you to promise something to them. Now, here is the thing – do not make promises if you cannot keep them. If your partner asks you to promise them something, you must do so only if you are confident that you will make good of that promise. If you keep breaking promises they will lose trust in you.

  1. Aggressive behaviour

If you have very brash and aggressive behaviour, you will not find any respect coming your way. People will stay away from you and would detest being in your company. You must bring your rough side to the fore only when someone misbehaves with you or initiates a fight. If you get aggressive for no reason, then you must check your behaviour. Being aggressive with your partner will project you in a bad way and even though you are a good person, it wold not reflect the same. [ Read: The 7 Common Mistakes Women Make To Push Men Away ]

  1. Being boastful

You might have achieved a lot of things in life but that does not mean you will brag about them. Humility is a rare quality and you must imbibe it. You do not need to remind your partner of your achievements all the time. If you have really had some substantial achievements your partner will get to know about them. You should let your work do the talking. Constantly boasting about yourself will make you come across as a fool.

  1. Insecurities

There are some people who are insecure about their relationship and then, there are some who are insecure about their partner. It is very important for you to be in a very secure space in a relationship. If you have some issues, talk about them to your partner. There is no point in keeping everything inside you and letting your relationship bear the brunt of it. If your partner is doing better than you in their career, you should be proud of them. A relationship is all about giving. [ Read: Relationship – There are times in LIFE when ONE has to WALK AWAY ]

  1. Being ungrateful

Your partner makes a lot of sacrifices for you and gives up on several things for the greater good of the relationship. You must acknowledge that and let them know that you appreciate their gesture. If you take them for granted and do not acknowledge their importance in your life, they will end up being hurt by your behaviour. You must treat them with respect and should be willing to make sacrifices at your end too.

A relationship must be handled with sensitivity. It is important that you change a few things about yourself and give up on a couple of habits so that you can make your partner happy and keep the relationship moving forward. Yes, there could be times when you do not know what to do and could take a wrong step but you can always correct it. The problem arises when you keep repeating your mistakes.