Working Ways To Keep a Guy Hooked and Happy In Love


Working Ways To Keep a Guy Hooked and Happy In Love

In this generation of dating and Hook up culture. It is very difficult to find people in long term relationships. You will find someone hooked up to one a day and hooked to another person the other day.There is no stability in relationships these days. It is not easy to keep a guy hooked up and happy in a relationship. This needs equal effort from both the ends. Both man and woman has to give equal efforts to make it work. is here to help you know how to make your relationship happy and dipped in love. Keep Reading and Keep Exploring.

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Working Ways To Keep a Guy Hooked and Happy In Love

How To Keep Him Hooked To You.

Stability and a forever relationship has become a rare thing. Everybody likes to be in a forever a relation. To make it a forever relationship there are many things which both the partners need to do. Nothing grows on this earth until we nurture it. So  even love grows in a relationship when two people are ready to nurture it with all their heart.

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Make Little Compromises:
Usually it is seen that relationship ends because nobody is ready to make little compromises which a relationship demands. The clash of egos end many strong bond and lovely relations. All you need to do is to keep aside your egos to make it a happy relation.

Nurture with Love:
This too happens when a relation gets older with time. We tend to get indulged in other activities and responsibilities that we forget that the basic ingredient that any relationship require is love. It is said that love grows with time. But love can fade too if right proportion is not added in a relationship.

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Do Little Things:
When we get in a relationship with someone we tend to stop doing little things that we used to do initially in a relationship to keep him hooked up. This change in attitude and behaviour destroy many beautiful relationships.

Thus, the last tip we would love to share with you to keep him happy in the relationship is to stay the same as you were when you made those promises of love.