Re-Evaluate Your Relationship If He Does This.


Re-Evaluate Your Relationship If He Does This.

Is it time to re-evaluate your relationship? It is, if you constantly feel like he doesn’t care anymore, despite all your efforts. And how do you that? It’s quite simple, just watch out for these signs. Be warned, it would really be painful. But it would help you figure out if he is still in love.

Poor Communication.

Poor or lack of communication will always be the most painful yet sure-fire sign to conclude that the relationship is not as strong as it used to be. Feelings like the other person isn’t listening, arguing continuously, feeling like nothing of substance is being said, and, of course, acting defensively are all signs of poor communication. It includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. Your relationship has a high chance of falling apart or is already falling apart if any one of these are lacking or ineffective. He doesn’t necessarily have to ignore you, not able to find the same level of interest with which he used to communicate is enough to realize that his feelings for you have changed.

Excuses, Unnecessary Excuses.

Work is super crazy for me right now. I am just super exhausted. I am going through something right now, which you won’t understand. It’s a bad time to talk. Never heard any of these in your happy days when the relationship has just started blooming? But this is all he tells when you try to talk to him now? It is his way of avoiding you with unnecessary excuses. And it is definitely not looking good for the long run of your relationship. He once carved your attention but is now very much irritated and is not even talking about hanging out together. If this is the guy you are in a relationship with, you are in it alone. All these unnecessary excuses that you could see through most of the times are him subtly hinting that he wants out.

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Privacy vs. Secrecy.

Privacy is alright in a limit, but secrecy is not alright in any limit when it’s in a relationship. He got a habit of being secretive and has a habit of claiming that you are invading his privacy and these habits are relatively new? If yes is the answer, you don’t need much research to figure out where he is standing in your relationship and where he would let you stand. Denying you access to his phone as is customary, tilting his phone so that you can’t read his texts when you sit next to him or getting visibly nervous when you do have his phone in your hand are all being secretive, which he should not be. Once he get’s comfortable with being secretive, he would soon feel like he has no duty or obligation to let you know all or any important things. And when you try questioning him about that, he will put you in your place. That has noting to do with privacy. Keeping secrets is dishonesty, and keeping large secrets is deception.

Now that you know the signs to watch out for, keep a close eye on him. These three are some of the many that could prove he has fallen or is thinking about falling out of love from you. Want to know what the other signs are? Let me know in comments below.

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