How To Make Your Ex Jealous?


How To Make Your Ex Jealous?

If you are trying to get your ex fall in love with you again, making him/her jealous will help you. If you are trying to show him/her that you are happy without them, making them jealous will help you prove them that. How to make your ex jealous? Well, it’s not that difficult. It is possible to make an ex jealous even if it’s become obvious that their feelings for you are currently close to zero. Let’s see how.

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To get your ex jealous, you need to be stop being available for them. And by that I mean, take your time in replying to their text. When you attend their calls immediately or reply to their texts instantly, they will know that they are still your priority, that you are not over them yet. But if you start to respond slower when they communicates, or if sometimes you don’t reply at all, this will make them wonder that you are busy with someone else. This will make them super jealous. Never be the first person to text them or call them, this will make them feel like you have completely forgot that they exist. This will make them realize that your interest in them is dropping.

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Dress well, start taking proper care of your appearance and body. Look good and be in a better shape. With a big smile on your face. This will definitely make your ex jealous, super jealous. Go on a vacation with your friends who your ex hated, share those stories. Let you ex know you are having super fun. Talk with people who your ex asked you not talk to. These are some effective tips to make your ex feel jealous. Want more tips? Let me know in comments below.