Reasons to Love Yourself Before Falling in Love

Reasons to Love Yourself Before Falling in Love

Reasons to Love Yourself Before Falling in Love

Love is an emotion that we go through at least once in our life. Our feelings for a person tower above everything in the world. We feel like dropping off everything and think about the person that we love. While falling in love with someone is a beautiful experience, it is important to love yourself first. It is important to accept yourself for what you are and complete as an individual. If you do not love yourself, how do you expect people around you to love you?

In this fickle world, you cannot rely upon somebody be with you forever or at all times. It is not wrong to have that kind of an expectation but you must prepare yourself to support yourself in times when you have nobody besides you. If you love yourself you will never feel the need to have some company. Of course, you would always want to have someone around you but do not let that become a necessity. People who cannot do without any company around them feel helpless when they have to face a situation all alone. They feel scared and want to run away from the situation. Even if they have the strength to deal with the situation they prefer not to do so as they have got so used to being with someone that they cannot deal with something on their own. [ Read: Falling Out of Love and Why It Happens to You ]

Love, at times, ends up in rejection and disappointments. If the person, whom you love, becomes the center of your universe then it will be very difficult for you to deal with rejection. You would be heartbroken by getting rejected from the person you love so much. But, if you are a self sufficient person and know your importance, then you will move on. You will not have to depend on someone to make you happy.

Here are a few reasons to love yourself before falling in love:

  1. Self sufficient

You need to be a confident person before you go up to someone to profess your love. You should never lean o someone to support you. There is so much to the world than the person you are in love with. Do not channelize all your energies in one direction. If your happiness depends on the approval of that person, then rejection will hit you hard. [ Read: Falling In Love with a Married Man ]

  1. Unrequited love

The fact that you love someone does not mean that that person will love you back. Unrequited love hurts but one must deal with it. We always seek love from those whom we love so much. But, you need to understand different people have different hearts and minds. The person you love is someone whose heart beats for somebody else. You must accept this fact and pray for their happiness.

  1. Dealing with insecurities

All of us feel insecure at some point in life. If you are in a relationship, you are bound to feel insecure mote often than not. If you think of yourself as an inferior being, then you will feel that your partner will leave you and choose a much better partner for them. Nobody is perfect. Every person has his strengths and weaknesses. If you think of yourself to be weak in some areas, then you must have your strengths as well. Your partner loves you for what you are and accepted you wholeheartedly. Understand this fact and let go of your insecurities. [ Read: 19 Sure Signs Of Falling In Love ]

  1. Gain respect

Loving yourself will help you come across as a warm and confident person. Your partner will respect you if they find you to be an affable person. If you want your partner to take you seriously, it is important that you earn their respect. In a relationship, nobody is superior to anybody and you should not bow down to your partner. But, you should instill a sense of respect in your partner towards you so that they do not take you for granted.

  1. Bounce back

If thins do not work out between the two of you things go kaput after a while, then you should have the strength to pick yourself up and move forward in life. A lot of people get in to depression after a breakup and feel that there is nothing to look forward to life anymore. You get that feeling when the relationship becomes the single most important thing in your life. Give the relationship the respect it deserves and do not let it become the only driving factor in your life. You have to realize that there is so much to life than this and you have to brace yourself up for the journey ahead. [ Read: Feeling Of Falling In Love With My Best Friend – Story ]

Loving yourself should not be confused with narcissism. There is a thin line that divides the two. You should not be obsessed with yourself and at the same time, you should not think of yourself to be inferior to others. You should have enough confidence to come across as a self assured man to your beloved. No matter how much we love someone, one must keep that relationships tend to be fragile. Hence, one must be prepared to deal with the situation if things do not work out. If you love and respect yourself, you will never feel isolated. We all need to gel with the society and people around but must be strong enough to deal with the world if we are left all alone.