Why You Should Never Return Back To Your Ex


Why You Should Never Return Back To Your Ex

These EX have this weird problem of acting weird all the time. They come back to our life when we have almost recovered and are ready for a new shift. He or she comes with a new hope and some new fresh dialogues. Some new promises, new hope and many more new things. But, an EX will always be an EX, no matter what! And you should never return back. Why? Here are some reasons why.

Why You Should Never Return Back To Your Ex

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  1. Nothing has changed

The #EX you had left some years ago or you were dumped some years or months ago is still the same from inside. No need to return back or allow them. When they had left you in this life all alone, did they ever turn back and said sorry? No, they just walked with their new partner hand in hand. So why now allow them to come back? Never do this.

2. Ah! They are selfish

Absolutely! Remember the time when you cried like a child stretching that hand of yours and he just walked past by? And also the fact that they left you alone. Never return back to them as they only know their own work. And when their work is done they will again leave you again. And if by chance they don’t they will keep like a doormat. Never go back to the one who never respected your sacrifices.

3. There is no hope

Really there is zero hope. More than hope it is the feelings which matter the most. When the person who you loved with everything you had suddenly left you, can you be with him/her again happily? Never. The scar may have healed but the mark is still there. It is not possible to start a new phase all over again especially when the breakup was not a normal one.

4. Now it is not about CHANCE

The chance which they are asking for is done with. Now there is no chance giving or last opportunity. I know it is painful to just see the person you once loved in front of you begging to be with you but, going back is a not an option. Your tears are precious, don’t waste it over someone who is nothing but a lifelong idiot.

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5. Your self-respect is more important

Are you useless? Or someone who has no value at all! None of the two right? So, why return to that past.