What He Really Means When He Says That He’s Not Ready


What He Really Means When He Says That He’s Not Ready

Is there anything more worst than loving a man who loves you but is not ready to commit to you? Nothing irritates you more than the feeling of being unwanted. This behavior of his adds more confusion to life. Commitment is one such thing which is hard to find in relationships these days. We often come across men who love you immensely but fails to give their commitment to you. This act contradicts their words of promise they make to you. Have you ever wondered what they really mean when he says that he is not ready. Do you want to explore the real meaning behind these words? All you need to do is to keep reading and keep exploring.

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What He Really Means When He Says That He's Not Ready-likelovequotes

Meaning When He Says He Is Not Ready

LikeLoveQuotes.com brings  to you the real meaning when your man says that he is not ready. Here are some of the common reasons behind this let’s find out.

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You are not the One:
One of the major reason why he is not prepared to give you his commitment is that he thinks you as a mere time pass. You are not the really one  for him. He is just being in a relationship with you without any motive to take it further. Hence, it is not necessary that when you are in relationship with anyone in your life that will last forever. This is because things don’t go the way we want it to move forward.

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The Time is not Right:
When he says that he is not ready to be in relationship. All he means that the time is not right. No wonder how good you are for him or how good he is for you but the time is not right for both of you. Sometimes circumstances and situations guide your relationships to another direction. It is not always the person who is the reason behind this. But circumstances and situations are the sole reason for it.

He Loves Someone Else:
One of the reason he is avoiding to give you his commitment can be that he loves someone else. It is hard to accept the reality but this can be one of the most important reason to avoid giving  you a forever commitment.

Thus, following are the real interpretation of his words when he says he is not ready for it yet.