10 Ways – How To Turn Down An Ex Who Wants To Be Friends

10 Ways – How To Turn Down An Ex Who Wants To Be Friends

A breakup does not necessarily lead to people drifting apart from each other. Some people stay in touch with their ex-partners and continue to be friends with them. You have your ex coming back to you and asking you to be friends with them. You do not want that. Why? Even if you hold no grudge against your ex, a breakup does make things awkward between two people. While your ex might be cool with the idea of you being friends with each other, you do not endorse this thought. You want to tell your ex that you do not wish to be friends with them without hurting their sentiments.

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10 Ways – How To Turn Down An Ex Who Wants To Be Friends

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Here are 10 ways of turning down an ex who wants to be friends:

  1. You are moving out

Tell them you are leaving the city for good and would not be back again. What is the point of trying to rekindle a friendship when you would not be around? You guys just had a breakup. To set things right and get back to a normal, cordial arrangement would need some time. You would no get that time if you are moving out of the city.

  1. You need to be alone

It is not easy to get over a breakup and most of us need some time to get over it. Tell your ex that you have nothing against them and would like to consider being friends with them but right now, you need some time alone. You want to have some space so that you can introspect and you can condition yourself to get out of this phase.

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  1. You are busy

You are too busy at the moment to think about this. You have several personal and professional commitments to attend and you cannot afford to get into this right now. Being friends with your ex needs a lot of work. You have to prepare yourself mentally before you decide to become friends with them again. You cannot give that kind of time right now.

  1. You are in pain

The breakup has left you hurt and has created a lot of pain within you. To get over it, you need to stay away from them. Friendship would be nice, but right now you are trying to get over the breakup. Being with the person whom you were in a relationship with and have broken up with now would not be an ideal thing to do at the moment.

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  1. Avoiding them

They could feel bad if you avoid them but if you cannot get yourself to face them, then this is the only option left with you. When they come to your place, ask your parents to say that you are not at home. If they call you, pick up the phone and tell them that you are busy in a meeting. After a series of such events, they will get to know that you are not interested in talking to them.

  1. Being with friends

They will not get the chance to bring up this topic if they do not find you alone. If you are always surrounded by your friends or some other people, they will not be able to talk about this to you. You guys have broken up recently and this is something which should be discussed in private. They will never discuss this in front of your friends.

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  1. Leaving town

If you want to avoid any kind of conversation with them, it is better that you take leave from work and go out of town for a while. They have your address, phone number, email address – everything. It would not be possible for you to avoid them for long. After they do not see you for a while, they will stop pursuing you.

  1. You are not comfortable

You have to be honest with them and tell them you have utmost respect for them. You would remember the moments that you both spent with a lot of fondness but you are not comfortable with the idea of being friends with them. It is difficult for you to be friends with someone whom you have just broken up with. It is a very uncomfortable situation to be in and you would rather stay out of it.

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  1. Take some time

Even though you have made up your mind against being friends with them, you could ask them for some time. This will make them stay away from you and stop pestering you for some time. After that you can decide what do you want to do about it. Maybe, after some time you would want to be friends with them yourself. Whatever your decision may be, asking them for some time to think about it would be a good idea.

  1. You have found someone

No matter how strong we might be, the news of our ex, whom we recently broke up with, dating someone else is heart breaking. She might be the one who dumped you but the fact that you are dating someone at the moment will make her upset. This is a very natural thing and it happens to everyone. Even if you are not in a relationship with someone, you can bluff and make her stay away from you.

Being friends with one’s ex works for some and does not work for a lot of people. You do feel slightly awkward to talk to your ex after you have broken up with them. Do not get pressurized by your ex’s proposal of being friends with each other. If you do not wish stay in touch with them, you do not have to.