Signs She Is Pretending To Love You


Signs She Is Pretending To Love You

“I love you” is really easy to say, anyone can say it to anyone but not everyone means it. So she said she is in love with you? Not sure if she really meant that or she is just faking her love. Chances are she is pretending it, many do. Well then how to make it sure? Well, you make it sure by reading these signs she is pretending to love you. The word love means so many different things, depending on the context and the person using it. Continue reading to find out what she meant when she used it on you.

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Signs she is pretending her love? Well, it’s not that difficult to figure it out. First thing you want to see is how helpful she is in the relationship or for you. You are in a relationship with her cause you need her help and support. What’s the point in calling her your girlfriend if she is not going to help you with anything. She helps if she cares. Another thing is she will run away from commitment. She will never show any initiation to take the relationship to the next stage and won’t cooperate when you do. A true lover will be committed to you, if she fears commitment she is surely not in love with you.

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Another thing to watch out for is her attitude towards relationship problems. She will look for opportunities to end the relationship. Every time there’s a little fight, she will be the one who tells “let’s end this”. And she will show no sign of gratitude or satisfaction. Do not expect to hear the word thanks from her. She will take you for granted and would always act unsatisfied when you do something for her. Want more tips? Let me know in comments below.