The Perfect Guy – Story of Emma and Russell

The Perfect Guy – Story of Emma and Russell

Emma was a web designer at an Info-tech firm. She was ambitious and career oriented. She had been working at the firm for over 4 years and was the most sought after lady at her work place. Smart and very pretty, she also had a way with words. Middle aged and highly independent, she lived alone. [ Read: Can’t Fight This Love ]

The Perfect Guy - Story of Emma and Russell

Recently, Russell, a senior programmer had joined the workplace. He was a talented and middle aged man who soon became known for his humor at the office. He was shorter than most men and was fat. He could not exactly be termed as a ‘looker’. But he could laugh at himself and often cracked up his colleagues.

Russell had met Emma once during his formal introduction at the office. Like most other men, Russell found himself attracted towards Emma at the very first smile of hers. But he was slightly shy and conscious of his looks, to approach her. Also, he got to know through the grapevine that Emma dates only model-like, handsome men, which further discouraged him. [ Read: It’s All About First Sight Love…


One evening as Russell was working overtime, engrossed in finishing his project, he heard his name being called. It was Emma. He managed a nervous smile. She asked him if he could give his views on her new website design. He was more than happy to. He suggested a few changes to which Emma listened patiently. This broke the ice between them. And gave rise to a string of evenings, which both spent together at work, whilst working and talking to each other. Emma started liking Russell’s company. Russell made her laugh a lot. She found him extremely funny. Russell on the other hand, was living the dream.

It was Friday and it got too late at work that night. Russell asked Emma if she would like to join him for a movie at theater near-by and joked that everyone at the theater would be surprised seeing a girl as pretty as her as his date. Emma was not expecting this, she denied saying she was expecting a date and rushed out of the office. Russell was confused with her behavior and didn’t know why she hadn’t mentioned about the date, the entire evening. As he reached home, his answering machine had a message from Emma. He was pleased to hear her voice. Emma said that she likes him as a friend and they should not spend too much time together anymore. [ Read: Heartwarming Message from a One Sided Lover ]

Russell thought he knew what was wrong. Emma was embarrassed to be seen in public with him, as he didn’t look good. Emma thought that Russell was nowhere near her league. Besides, he remembered Emma telling him one of these days that how she always wanted the perfect guy, who is tall, charming and lean. Surely, he had received rejections before but no one made him feel this small. He stopped talking to Emma completely and left work every day as soon as he could.

Emma noticed the change in Russell’s behavior. She left him a few messages on his voice mail, but he didn’t reply to any of her messages. After a few days he started joking around as usual with his colleagues, but carefully avoided Emma. Kathy, a co-worker of his, would spend a lot of time with Russell. Emma noticed all of this and was jealous of Kathy spending so much time with Russell. She tried to calm herself down thinking Russell is not the guy for her but as days passed by, it only got more and more unbearable for her to watch Russell happily talking with Kathy and ignoring her. Emma couldn’t take it anymore. She had realized that men can be handsome and extremely handsome. But the one with whom life seems beautiful is the most handsome of all. Emma realized that the perfection lies in accepting imperfections of others and Russell was the perfect guy for her. [ Read: Diary of a girl. Based on a True Story. ]

The next day, Emma got her charm working and told her boss that she needed a programmer to accompany her for a meeting with the client to understand his software and design requirements and Russell would be apt for that. Russell was asked to head for the meeting with Emma. They both started in Emma’s car post lunch.

Russell sarcastically said, “How come you agreed to meet the client with me. I thought I was too shabby for your likes.” Emma replied, “Russell, I was mistaken. I couldn’t look through the looks all these years. But with you, I just couldn’t look beyond you. I have missed you. Will you please, for Pete’s sake come for a movie with me?” Russell couldn’t help but laugh and said, “As long as you will not eye the handsome men there!” [ Read: A cute short-story : Blind Love ]

Moral – Ladies, don’t wait for the perfect guy with the most handsome looks. It is the relationships which are perfect and only the guys who make you feel special and happy are a key to the perfect relationship!

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