A Love That’s Not Meant To Be: Story


A Love That’s Not Meant To Be: Story

What you guys are about to read is not like our everyday scribbling on relationship, this is more like a short story about a relationship that’s not meant to be. Carry on reading then.
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A Love That's Not Meant To Be: Story

Finally they both decided that the back seat of the old car parked by the junk yard is going to be the place where they would explore each other. That’s the only place without any judging eyes prying on them. They can’t really blame people for staring at them, it might look a bit creepy for anyone when they see John and Alice are holding hands and expressing their love to each other with passion and lust flowing from their body, it get’s more uncomfortable when considering the fact that Alice is about to be 18 and John is in his mid 50s.

They have been looking forward to this moment ever since John saw Alice without any cloth to cover her bare body, spooning with his son in the couch. He had his way that night and wasn’t embarrassed to adore his son’s girlfriend’s bare body, a girl who is younger than his own two kids.

But he was embarrassed the next morning when Alice told him that she saw him staring at them. And he was even more embarrassed when Alice said she saw from the couch what John was doing while looking at them. While saying that she looked at John down and up again at his eyes and she winked at him and with a cheesy smile she walked away. From that day on they both made it a habit to tease each other very often, but what they had going was purely lust with no love. Each day it got difficult to exhibit their affection and to explore each other more, the seemingly huge age Gap made it difficult for them to do what they really wanted to do.

They were blushing when that day finally came, John has sprayed the old car and have even lit couple scented candles in it to set the mood. They began by kissing each other, locking lips with a girl who is younger than his son didn’t seem strange and Alice wasn’t repelled by the fact that the man she is with, that too in a pretty abandoned junk yard is older than her father. They began exploring each other more, and as time passed by they both were lying under the star light that shined on them from the open roof of the car, the light helped them to undress each other.

It was time for the big moment, the moment they both were looking forward since the night they saw each other, it was time for John to quench his lust, but something Alice mumbled made him stop.

He looked at her and asked “what did you say?” She again looked at him with glowing eyes and said “Please be slow and careful, this is my first time.” John was set back with mixed feelings and sudden conflict of emotions. He felt like he just saved himself from a grievous fault. It took him a minute to sit back up and he asked her with a tone of confusion, “what do you mean it’s your first time? I’ve seen you with my son”. Alice now with watery eyes and shaky voice, “Yes, I’ve been with your son, and you’ve seen us together, but all we did was kiss and cuddle, nothing more”. John finally realized what he was about to do, he was caught back in emotions, he realized the fact that the young girl lying in front of him is no less than a daughter to him and realized the depth of the sin he was about to commit a couple minutes back. He dressed up and asked Alice to put back her clothes on, she was crying the whole time. And John got out of the car and lit a smoke, it all felt so strange for him. Few minutes back he wanted her out of her clothes and now he can’t see her that way.

John was waiting outside the junk yard, Alice now all dressed up stepped outside the car, still sobbing about the sin she was about to commit. John gave her a hug, in that hug she realized the warmth of a father, it made her cry more but now it’s just tears of comfort. He took her back to her place and they both parted their ways, never to meet again.
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So, what do you guys think about such relationships? Are John and Alice meant to be together, disregarding the age gap? Is age just a number when it comes to true love?