Distance Can’t Keep Us Apart – True Story.


Distance Can’t  Keep Us Apart – True Story.

Long distance relationship, does it work? is it possible for the love to survive the distance? These are some questions that pops up in our mind when it comes to a long distance relationship. Well, the answer is YES. Distance doesn’t matter when two people are meant to each other, they just can’t walk away when their love is true. Miles can’t separate two loving souls that really cares for each other. Christine has shared a part of her love life with us in the form of an inspirational message to every long distance couple out there.

It has been five months since Christine and Robin are in love with each other and they are in long distance relationship for the past two months. Being in a long distance relationship is not that simple as it sounds, because you will never know whether they will miss you forget you. Christine say’s “This kind of relationship is really hard although we still manage to survive it in every day.” This couple wanted to inspire every other couples who are in a long distance relationship. We are sharing the message that Christine shared with us.

“Having someone who loves you for who you are and what you are is really a gift from God and when you have it you don’t let it go. That’s why even when we’re apart by thousands of miles, we still hold on to our love for each other. We make each other as our inspiration to strive for the best, we keep reminding each other that this distance won’t get into our relationship and this distance will break soon and not us. And when it breaks we will never be separated again. We’re planning to get married when we see each other again and that’s our biggest motivation! I wish everyone love.”

Don’t let time or miles to separate you from your loved one’s, let it be a reason why you should love harder. Don’t give up on someone who won’t give up on you. Let this little part of Christine and Robin’s love story be an inspiration to every couple who are in a long distance relationship. Let’s wish these couples more love.

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