Tips To Save A Relationship After An Affair


Tips To Save A Relationship After An Affair

Cheating from our loved one’s can unleash devastating consequences on our-self and our relationship, and it can feel like an insurmountable hurdle. This could cause one to loose interest in their relationship and in their partner. The betrayed partner usually faces anger, pain and broken trust and eventually they will loose complete interest in their relationship and finally the couples drift apart. This drift can happen much faster when one is not ready to accept their mistakes, it’s the unfaithful spouse’s inability to accept their mistakes which causes the relationship to crumble faster than the mistakes itself. I got certain tips that you could use to save your relationship based on the depth of the cheating committed.

Tips To Save A Relationship After An Affair


Infidelity is one of the toughest deal-breaker when it comes to a relationship. And forgiveness isn’t going to happen overnight, it requires lots and lots of time and effort. The heartbreak left in the wake of an affair is the most devastating thing that can happen to any relationship. And to heal this pain many sacrifices and compromises from both is required. Especially the one who committed the affair has to deal with their guilt along with their partners anger and hurt. In this article below I have listed few tips which I believe could help you to save your relationship after an affair
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Things To Do Immediately After Discovering An Affair

Discovering your partner’s affair could be quite traumatic, it triggers powerful emotions like, anger, pain, shock, rage, betrayal, depression etc.. for both partners. Any of these emotions if left unattended for a long duration of time could turn devastating for the relationship’s very survival. Majority of the relationships end up in divorce after an affair because one or both would have no clue on how to keep their relationship thriving after the affair. As soon as discovering an affair, one should try not to make any rash decisions. Don’t let it harm you or your partner both physically and emotionally. Believe that an affair, is not the end of an relationship, unless you want it to end.

The first best thing to do after an affair or after discovering an affair is to take some alone time and look at what lead to that affair. And give each other some space when guilt and anger are running high. Making rational decisions would turn out impossible, so it’s better to seek the help of your family or a good friends. Don’t explore on the intimate details of the affair right away, just focus on how it could be fixed, focus on why you need to hold on to that person and the relationship. Looking deeper in to the affair will cause more rage and distress, so take your time to to absorb the shock and get some amount of mental clarity and emotional stability before deciding what to do next.
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Tips To Solve The Affair

1) Talk about what happened

Couples are more likely to stay married when they thoroughly discuss the whole situation. Just ghosting out or distancing yourself or turning silent is not going to do any good for the relationship. So, talk about what caused the affair, how it happened, why it happened, no matter how difficult talking or hearing about the affair might be, you must be able to talk about it. Tell the truth about the affair, as completely as you can and make sure that you’re open and honest with each other about how you want to proceed in the relationship and come to an common engagement which you both believe would help lighten up the pain and hatred the affair caused.

2) Honesty

After recovering from the pain and shock, sit down and discuss about the reasons that prompted the affair. Talk about it openly and honestly, be an open book, if your partner demands to see or know something regarding the affair, let them know about it and be honest while letting them know. Let them know that they could trust you again. If you are hesitant or slow it will make your partner feel that you are hiding something from them, it will make them to think that you are still cheating them, and then there’s not much hope for the relationship, it’s likely to collapse. Understanding the story of what happened is must to recover from the trauma and the betrayed partner’s demand for information should not be neglected. Be 100% honest and come clean if you want the relationship to work out.
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3) Build Trust

Rebuilding trust is difficult, especially after cheating the person who had complete trust in you, but it is not impossible. Recovering from the emotional shock of discovering the affair will take some time, you should wait patiently. Once you think you both are ready, you have to try to rebuild the trust between both. It will be very difficult and forgiveness is not going to happen all of a sudden, patience and sacrifice is required from both the partners to rebuild the lost trust. Regaining trust is not going to happen until your partner understands that you are really sorry for what has happened and that you are ready to fix it no matter what it takes. If restoring trust still seems to be a really difficult task, the best thing you could do is going to couples counseling.

4) Be Patient

Be patient and take yourself some time and wait for this initial phase of anger and feeling of betrayal to pass before you attempt to figure out what to do in response to this affair. And if you are the one who cheated, you too take some time to look at what you have done and how it could be redone. Healing takes time, especially when it comes to a relationship. You may act out of anger or be in shock, so be patient and take some time away from your partner. You need time, space and support in order to come through the problems created by this affair. If you try to fast-track your way to redemption you will find yourself in an dead end very soon.
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5) Forgive & Choose To Love Again

This might be the most difficult thing, but is also a must to do thing, if you want your relationship to keep going. Forgiveness isn’t likely to come quickly or easily, it takes time, especially when it’s your partner who requires your forgiveness. But if you want the relationship to be back to as it was once, then you have to make some sacrifices. Forgiving them doesn’t mean that you have to forget what happened, it means to allow yourself to love your partner, even though you still feel hurt. Try to remember the happy memories that you both made as partners, try to look back at happy little things that brought you close to one another. Use those memories to rekindle the lost spark. If both of you want to keep the relationship going, you have to forgive one another and give time to heal. Finding the lost spark is difficult, butt it is not impossible.

6) Find reasons to stay

Before letting go, ask yourself why you have started the relationship in the first place. Ask yourself why you fell in love with them, it might persuade you to stay. Every marriage has troubles, and goes through various trials, of-course cheating is really a big deal, but is it worth ending the relationship that you have build with much love and care? Before permanently walking away from the relationship so these questions to yourself ‘How did you fall in love? Why did you get married? What did the relationship look like back then? ‘. All you need is one good reason to stay. Cheating is a valid reason for leaving but there could be many strong reasons for you to stay, look deeper.
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The probabilities of these tips working out will be highly dependent on the level and depth of the cheating committed. Want to know more working tips on how to heal an affair after an affair? Comment below.