5 Keys To Have A Long Lasting Relationship


5 Keys To Have A Long Lasting Relationship

How to maintain a successful and long lasting relationship is one question which keeps echoing in every new relationships. Is there any secret to it? Is there any shortcuts to make it last? No! There are no secrets and absolutely no short cuts for it. You don’t get to live in a perfect relationship just like that, and you can’t say that your relationship is going to last just because you ended up with the person you are in love with. A 2012 survey says that about 53% of marriages in the U.S., 48% in Canada, 47% in the U.K., and 43% in Australia end in divorce. And I guess almost all those marriages happened because those couples were in love, then how come it ended in divorce? Did they ran out of love? That’s exactly what happened, those relationships ended because they ran out of love, they ran out of love because they were doing somethings wrong in the relationship.
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5 Keys To Have A Long Lasting Relationship

Relationships struggles and ultimately collapses when they miss some important and essential key qualities in them. Long lasting relationships require unconditional love, mutual respect, open communication and many more key qualities which require time and work to develop, it doesn’t happens all of a sudden. Without tiresome efforts, constant attention and nurturing from both partners these qualities are less likely to develop. Discover below the 6 keys pivotal to long-term relationship success.

1) Communication:

Good communication is an important part of all relationships and is very vital to keep the relationship going. Any love life would simply collapse when there is a lack of healthy communication. Open communication helps a lot in dealing with the many conflicts that would arise in any relationship with time. If two people can’t find a way to openly and honestly communicate their needs and feelings to one another, the relationship doesn’t stand much of a chance long-term. The couples should be effective communicator so they would know the importance of separating the person from the issue, most problems that arises in the relationship can be solved by communicating. Paying utmost attention to what your partner has to say will help a lot in fixing almost every relationship problems, listen to what they have to say and come to an mutual agreement.
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Being in love with someone doesn’t give you mind reading abilities, your partner would have no clue of what’s running through your mind and troubling you. So tell them that, tell them what the problem is, only then they could solve it. Make your message clear, tell them what you need from them, tell them how you feel and what would make you feel better. When your significant other is telling them their problems, listen carefully, don’t pass judgments before you are fully aware of the problem and it’s source. Also make sure to communicate in a peaceful manner, be aware of your tone of voice, let them know that they could share anything with you without getting judged for that.

2) Commitment:

Internet explains a committed relationship is an interpersonal relationship based upon a mutually agreed-upon commitment to one another involving exclusivity, love, trust, honesty, openness, or some other agreed-upon behavior. Integrity, respect and care are essential for a relationship to thrive and these qualities are difficult to possess if commitment is lacking. Humans are not mentally immune to feelings and emotions, our emotions could blind our judgement and our feelings could change just like that. The only thing that is going to make us to hold on to the relationship during mixed feelings is commitment. Unlike love or feelings you can have complete control over your commitment, sometimes commitment might be the only key which would make you to hold on to the relationship when all others pushes you away from it.

One need to prepare themselves for the level of commitment when they are entering into a relationship. A committed person knows very well that commitment is the important key for a long lasting relationship and they would have the ability to be emotionally mature and will stand their ground, even when it’s difficult. Commitment would make them to do the day to day work needed to maintain the relationship a healthy one.
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3) Trust:

Trust is essential in deciding the success of any relationship without which a relationship can’t thrive for long. No matter how great the love is without mutual trust it doesn’t mean a thing. You have to believe in your partner, if you do then, there won’t be a single reason for doubt or the lack of trust in your relationship. You have to develop trust in them, you have to prove to them that they can be trusted. You can’t simply ask for trusting them unless they prove they are worthy of it. Lack of trust simply shatters a relationship.

Some people trust blindly, that sort of trust could also ruin the relationship. Having trust issues could also ruin a relationship. It’s because trust is very hard to earn, you have to earn your way towards your partner’s trust. It is very complicated and will happen only when the love is unconditional. Trust is integral for a happy and fulfilling relationship, so develop it first. When the trust is mutual no matter what comes up you can feel safe in the relationship, you will feel safe in each others arms. Controlling or monitoring each other could also be avoided in a relationship where both partners trust each other.
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4) Support:

Supporting your partner in each and every aspects of their life is a must for a relationship to be a successful one. Don’t make them feel alone when they are with you, don’t make them feel that you might let go of them if things get difficult. Make them realize that you would stay even if the whole world turns their back on you. Contributing your support without expecting anything in return is what that determines the success of your relationship.

Be truly happy for each other and be each other’s support when it’s needed the most, if you could just do this your relationship is going to last long. The whole point behind getting in to a relationship is to find someone who you know has your back, someone who would treat you as equal, if your partner fails to do any of these then is he/she really your partner?
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5) Respect:

A relationship can be called as a healthy one when both partners have mutual respect for one another. Being in a relationship with someone doesn’t give you permission to step over their boundaries or to invade their privacy and can’t demand them to share with you everything they does, you can’t force them to allow you in to their private life. A relationship where there’s no space between the two could never be termed as a healthy one and such a relationship is never going to have an happy ending.

Try giving them the freedom to be themselves and love them for who they are and they would do the same. You can’t demand anything out of the relationship when you don’t value their feelings and needs. A relationship can thrive only when no one stands above the other and everyone’s voice is heard. And it’s not possible without respect. When you fail to respect your partner, you prevent yourself from getting respect from them in return. When you fail in making them feel secure in the relationship, you prevent yourself from feeling secure in the relationship. When respect is lacking or if not mutual, it can stop you from experiencing joy, peace and even intimacy in the relationship.
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These five keys will help a lot when it comes to have a long lasting relationship, so would many other keys. Want to know about those too? Let me know in comments below.