Tips To Find If He’s Flirting,Or Just Being Friendly


Tips To Find If He’s Flirting,Or Just Being Friendly

Girls find it hard to make out the difference as to when He is Flirting or simply being friendly. This is a known fact that men are masters in flirting. But they too sometime act just friendly. It is bad to judge everyone with the same yardstick. Everyone is different in this world. Hence, it is still very important for girls to know actually when men are flirting with them and when they are just being friendly with them. is here to help all its She Readers know this important discrimination.

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Flirting or Just Being Friendly?

There is a vast difference between flirting and being friendly with girls. Flirting is when men are not serious for the girl they are flirting with. Being friends on the other means to share a bond where both of them are nothing more than good friends. Come let’s find out when men are flirtatious and when they are simply acting as friends.

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He is Nervous:
He is flirting with with you if he is nervous talking to you. Nervousness is the sign that the person you are out with as friends is having other intentions rather than being simply friends with you.

He looks for Alone Time:
When men try their level best to look for situations where they can spend alone time with you. He is definitely considering you more than friends. His sole motive to spend alone time is to flirt with you.

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He Remembers Everything:
Are you thinking the guy who is trying to grab your attention is simply looking for friendship from your end? If this is so, you are thinking all wrong. Hence, the person you consider as just friends is not your friend but a flirt if he remembers everything about you.

He gets Annoyed When Mention Other Guys:
Yes, it is a clear sign that his intention is to flirt with you. The slightest mention of any other guy disturbs him and fuels him up.

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He Touches You More:
When a guy touches you more often he is simply trying to be more than friends with you. He desires to form another kind of chemistry with you. Being friendly with you is not on his list.

Thus following are the ways which can help you know the difference between the two.