What Does it Mean When a Guy Ignores You


What Does it Mean When a Guy Ignores You

“Why is he ignoring me?” is a common question among many women who are entering a relationship, this question could have multiple explanations. A series of questions would pop un in every girl’s mind when she is being ignored by the guy who she thought is her soul’s other half. “What did I do to deserve this? Is it me? If we are in a relationship why is he ignoring me? Is he just a jerk? Is he bored of me? Is it something I did wrong?”. There’s nothing quite as confusing as being ignored by a guy who you strongly believed is going to be with you in all walks of your life. Being ghosted would make you to believe that it’s your fault for which he might be giving you the cold shoulder. Two possible explanations are, he is either trying to speed up the phase of the relationship or he wants to slow down the development of the relationship, it’s usually either one of the two if he starts to ignore you after showing signs of liking you.

What Does it Mean When a Guy Ignores You

I am no expert in decoding the minds of my fellow men, but in this article below i’ll try my best to sum up some of the possible explanations on what makes a guy to ignore you when you both are in a relationship or getting in to a relationship. Rather than making this an lengthy article, i’ll focus on just few, but valid factors that might be the reason why he is ignoring you. Continue reading.

1) It’s Time To Break Up.

If he’s trying to show you he doesn’t care anymore, it’s probably because he doesn’t care anymore, he doesn’t care for you nor for being in a relationship with you. One way that most men choose to show their lack of interest in the relationship is through ignoring the women they are dating. Not all men can man up and end the relationship with you face to face, most would use ignoring you as a break-up tool, they would simply hope that you will get fed up of being ignored by him and would eventually end the relationship yourself.
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2) Take The Relationship To The Next Level.

One reasons why he could be ignoring you in the early stages of dating is that he wants to move to the next level, he wants to jump in to a full time relationship from being just your date. He might be playing hard to get, he might think that ingonoring you would make you to carve for him more. He wants the relationship to be certain, he wants you to feel the pain that uncertainty provokes and the only way to make you feel uncertain is a sudden pause in the free flowing date.

The above mentioned two are the most common factors that could lead a guy in ignoring his date. Are you still stuck wondering, ‘Why is he ignoring me?’ well then carry on reading to find few more factors which could be the reason.

3) Being Super Busy.

He is not ignoring you, he is just super busy. Give him some time, give him enough time to do his personal chores, don’t expect him to be with you 24*7. Don’t text him when he is busy doing his job, don’t call him when he is sleeping after a long days work, don’t try to get a hold on him when he is cracking a cold one with his boys. If you do any of these he is going to ignore you, any men including me will ignore you. So next time you think that your guy is ignoring your texts, he could just be busy or in the shower.

4) He Needs Space.

It doesn’t matter how close you both are, you still have to give him some space, if you fail to do so he is going to do so on his own and the way he will do that is by ignoring you. Not everyday is going to be a walk on the park, things might go bad on some days and he might need some alone time to recharge himself, you can’t deprive him of that. If you insist on being a part of his personal bubble he might push you away, if you can’t give him more room he may take it by avoiding you for a while. Agree to meet your man’s need for space or get ready to be ignored by him.
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5) He’s Into Someone Else

There’s a chance of getting ignored if he’s been seeing someone else. There’s not much to do then, his feelings for you would slowly fade away when he develops feelings for someone else. He may be ashamed or even afraid to tell you this, that is when he would start to ignore you in a hope that the vacant space between you to would push you away from him. As i have mentioned earlier in this article not all men could be man enough to express their feelings or dislikes openly, all they could do is drop subtle hints in the hope that the other would figure it out for themselves.

These are some of the factors that might be the reason behind him ignoring you. Would you like to know more factors? Would you like to know more on what does it mean when he ignores you? If yes like this article, comment below and share it with your friends. I will write a lengthier part two on this article. Cheers.