How Do I Know if He Likes Me if He Won’t Talk to Me?

How Do I Know if He Likes Me if He Won’t Talk to Me?

How Do I Know if He Likes Me if He Won’t Talk to Me?

Are you stuck in a situation where you like a guy and you feel he likes you too, but you are not sure about it? Even he doesn’t talk to you about it. You feel that he likes you because he passes some gestures at you by constantly looking at you, smiling at you and even feeling shy in talking to you. Sometimes you come across such guys who are very shy in nature and they do not express their feelings easily. The reason why they don’t open up about their feeling is because they may fear rejection; they are scared about your reaction and also scared that they might lose you as a friend too.  [ Read: 7 Signs – He Loves Me Or Loves Me Not? ]

But until and unless they tell you about their feelings you cannot be sure of anything. Don’t rush into deciding anything before you are sure about how they feel for you. One possible way to know about his feeling is by taking to his friends. They might tell you about how he feels for you. Try and be friends with him first before going on to the next level. Being his friend will help you know him and his feeling for you better.  [ Read: 11 Signs He Loves You Even If He Doesn’t Say It Out Loud ]

In case you’re still curious to be sure about his feelings for you then you can look upon the following signs to know if he likes you even if he won’t to you –

  1. He looks at you secretly

When you are around him, he might be able to gather the guts to look directly into your eyes. But when you are busy doing some work, he will quickly take a glance at you and feel happy with it.  [ Read: 10 Secret Things Guys Wish Girls Knew About Guys ]

  1. He asks for your number to your friends

He does not talk to you, but he tries to be friends with yours. He talks to them indirectly about you. He may ask questions regarding your name, where do you live etc. He wants to know you but feels shy. He even tries to ask for your number from your friends saying that he needs to return a book of yours so something similar.

  1. He discusses you with his friends

While he is with his friends, all he does is to talk about you. He tells his friends about his feelings for you, but he won’t talk to you directly.  [ Read: 13 Qualities Every Man Secretly Wishes For In His Woman ]

  1. He smiles while looking at you

Sometimes in class you may catch him looking at you continuously and smiling while his eyes are stuck on you. By this, you can make out that he really finds you cute and sweet.

  1. He feels shy when you smile back at him

There may be incidences when you go across him and pass a smile at him. Rather than smiling back at you, he may give a shy look. This will definitely be a sign that he is falling for you. [ Read: 12 Secret Rules of a Happy Relationship. SHH! ]

  1. He gets nervous when he is around you

Though he very free and calm when he is with your friends, but as soon as he sees you he gets conscious and nervous. He acts really sophisticated in front of you because every woman likes a guy who is well mannered.

  1. He is jealous when you are with your guy friends

He doesn’t say anything but with his expressions, you can make out that he is becoming jealous when he sees you hanging around with your guy friends. He doesn’t like it when you talk to them. In his heart, he wants you to be only with him all the time. [ Read: 17 Signs of a Jealous & Possessive Boyfriend ]

  1. He’s caring and protective for you in his own way

He cares for you in his own way with showing or expressing. He may keep a copy of important notes for you during exams and send it through a common friend. Or he may keep the door open for you right before you reach.

  1. He is trying to come to your notice

He does things that make him come into notice by all and by you especially. He passes sweet compliments indirectly to you or appreciates your work.  [ Read: Find out are You More than Friends or Just Friends? ]

  1. He follows you on Facebook, twitter

One of the simplest way to find out if a guy likes you or no is by seeing whether is following you on social networking sites or no. He may send u a friend request.


Every guy is different. The one you like and you think likes you back too may be an introvert person. It is not necessary that always the guy should approach the girl first. The above-given signs are well defined to tell you if a guy likes or no even if he doesn’t talk to you. Once you are sure about his feeling towards you, it is the time that you make a move despite just waiting for him to come and talk to you. You can approach him too. By approaching we don’t mean that you directly talk to him about love, feelings, relationship etc. You can start by adding him as a friend on Facebook or say a simple hi when you cross each other. Slowly and gradually you both can become friends and then maybe someday you get the right moment to talk to him about how you feel about him or ask him about what he feels for you. Don’t rush or otherwise you may end up spoiling things for the both of you.