13 Annoying Things Boyfriends Do and How to Avoid Them

13 Annoying Things Boyfriends Do and How to Avoid Them
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13 Annoying Things Boyfriends Do and How to Avoid Them

Boyfriends in love are the cutest ever! But love isn’t a walk in a beautiful garden; with roses come thorns. In short, men are from Mars and women from Jupiter and you cannot change that.

Your girlfriend will hate you as much as she loves you, simply because you annoy her in little matters. So what are some of those annoying habits you are not aware of and how do you find a solution to avoid them? Let’s have a look-

  1. Hearing, not listening!

This is the most common problem with the male species!  All a woman wants is for you to pay attention to what she says. Don’t zone off in your own world while she’s sharing some news with you, because you need to respect the fact that she wishes for you to know everything happening in her life and also because if you don’t listen to her it will lead to another fight! [ Read: 7 Unique Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special ]


Why don’t you keep some “us time” during the day where you both sit and fill each other in ? This way, you are prepared to listen to her and she’s content that you aren’t just hearing, but listening to her.

  1. Behave sexist

The most annoying trait of a boyfriend is that he thinks he deserves all the recognition because he’s smart, but when she gets recognition it is because of her looks or the way she dresses. Apologies, gentlemen! You girlfriend is just as smart and capable as you are, if not more, so keep your egos in place and don’t behave like men are superior.


Treat her as an equal!

  1. Make you wait

It is date night and you end up picking her up half an hour late – this is just uncalled for. You can make all the excuses about traffic jams, cops, being held up by a neighbour, all this is Greek to her ears because she’s been dressed up and whiling away her time just because you didn’t care to leave early. [ Read: Clear Signs That You Need To Leave Your Boyfriend ]


Men are proud of the fact that they get dressed in 10 minutes. Well, that’s great! So how about you get into the habit of getting dressed 10 minutes earlier so that you can leave you house 10 minutes ahead of schedule giving you a fair buffer time?

  1. Get bored when it’s “her time”

Your girlfriend is going to take time while she shops, all women do! It is not that they enjoy seeing your long face in malls, but unlike men, women have more items to browse through! So when you know that she is going to take time just deal with it, there is no point in cribbing and sitting around with that bored look painted all over your face!


Make a pact with your girlfriend that you will go shopping together once a month and the other times, you will catch up for coffee or a movie after she finishes shopping.

  1. Unobservant

She gets a new haircut, or a new dress for your date, or whips up a new recipe for you – she’s doing it all for you.  It is very frustrating when boyfriends overlook all these things that their partner does for them. [ Read: 13 Best Ways To Cuddles Your Boyfriend ]


You intend on making her feel like you care for her, so try and notice all the small things she does. Even if you notice four things out of the ten she does, she will be content!

  1. Staring at other girls

All women know that their boyfriends look at other girls; for that matter they also look at other guys. However, when you are together don’t walk around staring at legs and cleavages because that is just downright disrespectful. Your looks maybe innocent or without any wrong intentions, but when you have your girl around your arm why do you find it necessary to stare at other women?


Pamper her, hold her hand, play with her hair, walk arm-in-arm in public to give her a sense that she’s the queen of your heart!

  1. Don’t return calls

Women understand that you are busy with work and business calls, so when you say, “I’ll call you back in 10 minutes,” mean it. There are times when she must be upset and wishes to take the load off her chest and those 10 minutes are the longest 10 minutes of her life. [ Read: 7 Ways To Make A Man Understand You Completely ]


Even though you are in the middle of work, ask her how important it is and if she’s ok and then make her a promise to call her in the most convenient time.

  1. Love for gadgets

The PlayStation, the iPad, an app on the mobile phone – all electronics are your first love and it does nothing but taker your attention away from her. Sure, you are sitting with your girlfriend, but that means nothing if you are concentrating on a game marathon or if your phone is buzzing on the table; this is just going to irritate her and ignite another fight.


Keep a separate time for your gadgets and for your girlfriend and don’t be distracted by your video games while you are spending time with her. Once you set this routine, you will be able to enjoy your girlfriend-time as well as your game-time.

  1. Keeps in touch with exes

If you are friends with your exes, that is great! It is commendable that you’ve managed to put aside your differences and keep in touch. But, if you hide this from your girlfriend and don’t allow the two women to meet, you’ve got a problem! Also, you girlfriend is going to get very annoyed if you don’t like her being friends with her exes. [ Read: 13 Secret Signs Which Will Tell You That Your Boyfriend Is Still Not Over His EX! ]


Just introduce the two women and meet in groups so that everybody is comfortable with the equations. However, if your ex still has feelings for you, you must definitely avoid the introduction and bid goodbye to the ex!

  1. Blames you for it all!

If you blame your girlfriend for all that goes wrong in your life and your capabilities, you have officially stooped down to the lowest level of disgrace! You are very silly and irrational to assume that she’s the cause of all the negativity. Even if they are petty instances like losing your way or staining your shirt or falling sick – she is not responsible because you are an adult and are solely responsible for your actions.


Just calm down and count to ten every time you are upset. This will help you not to lash out at her and blame her for everything that goes wrong under the sun!

  1. Doesn’t offer a shoulder

When you are feeling low, she’s always by your side helping you deal with the lows. Similarly, when you’ve fallen sick she sits by the bed, feeds you, and gives you medicines on time. But what happens when roles change? Most boyfriends just close the matter telling her that she’s ‘over-reacting’ and may not even notice that she has fallen sick! That is just rude! [ Read: 7 Reasons Why Guys Can Be Commitment Phobic ]


If she’s upset about a matter, hear her out because she’s the woman you love! You have to invest time and emotions in your girlfriend.

  1. Don’t get drunk on a date night

You have to be chivalrous towards your lady love and never let go of the gentleman within you. However, it may be the other way around – you end up getting wasted when you are out with your girlfriend. So you need to revise the role definition – you have to take care of her, it is not the other way around.


Hold you drinks well, Mister! If you wish you drink your heart out, do it on a night out with your buddies, but don’t put your lady through such unacceptable behaviour!

  1. Never helps you run errands

It is quite annoying to find out that you haven’t done the work you’ve opted to do. When she picks up your dry-cleaning – it is part of her duty; but when you have to make the bed in her apartment you just ignore it. Well, if you can’t make life easier for her, at least don’t give her hopes that you will. [ Read: 10 Valuable Lessons You Will Learn From Failed Relationships ]


Maybe her dry-cleaner is not on your way, but you can help her around the house and keep things in place so as to not annoy her.

All relationships are tricky and there are two sides of every story. Yet, if you are aware of the problems and have a solution to them, why not make life easier for yourself as well as for her? So take care of these little things, because women are not that hard to please!