10 Signs He’s Faking Love Just to Sleep With You

10 Signs He’s Faking Love Just to Sleep With You

You get to experience a lot of feelings once you are in a relationship. What do you think is the most important factor that drives two people to date each other? It’s the feelings and passion that they have towards each other. One wishes to date someone because they love everything about them. Physical intimacy is important in a relationship, but it should not be the driving factor towards you getting into a relationship with someone. Telling someone that you love them or pretending to be in love with them so that you can get closer to them physically is just not right. Girls find it difficult to understand that a guy is faking his love, because he does everything that a girl would expect her lover to do. He talks well, makes her laugh and surprises her all the time. That could easily lead her to believe that he loves her for who she is. But, what if he is faking it? [ Read: 13 Secret Signs Which Will Tell You That Your Boyfriend Is Still Not Over His EX! ]

10 Signs He’s Faking Love Just to Sleep With You -likelovequotes

Here are 10 signs he is faking love just to sleep with you:

  1. He does not spend a lot of time with you

He comes to meet you, only when he seems interested in making out with you. He won’t be willing to spend time with her doing something productive like planning the future, going on a date etc. A girl would expect him to sit down and chat with her for a while. She desires to have a good conversation with him. However, he always seems to be in a hurry to go to the bedroom. He comes across as impatient and does not seem to pay attention to what she has to say. [ Read: How Do I Handle an Upset Boyfriend?


  1. He never plans a date

It is always you who plans a date with him. He does come along but you sense some discomfort and disinterest in him. You expect him to take you out sometime but he never does. Even if you plan something, he doesn’t seem to notice all the pain you took to ensure that your date turns out to be a memorable one. When you are in a relationship, going out on a date is a must because it helps you spend more time with your partner and allows you to know them better.

  1. He does not introduce you to his family

If a guy is serious about you, he will introduce you to his family. If he does not, he must have some kind of reason for that. If your boyfriend gives you stupid excuses when you ask him about not letting you meet his family, it’s probably because he is not serious about you. There’s no reason for him to delay this, when you have already introduced him to yours. Well, ladies, take the hint; he is not into the relationship. [ Read: Guy Best Friends are Nothing but Trouble ]

  1. He does not check on you

Prying on your partner is not good but you must check on them to know whether they are alright  and if they need you. When you are away from him, maybe in another city for some work, he must call you up to check whether you’ve reached safely or not. If your boyfriend never calls you up or stops by at your place to check whether you are doing okay or not, then there is something wrong. It shows that he is not concerned about you.

  1. He does not let you meet his friends

When you date someone, you eventually get to meet their friends. After all, we hang out the most with our friends and when we start dating someone, we bring along our partner to join us and our friends. Though he does talk about his friends, he has never really introduced you to any of them. When you meet your partner’s friends, you get to know a lot about them. If he does not let you meet his friends then either he is hiding something from you or he does not want you to become a part of his inner circle. [ Read: Does your Boyfriend have a Flirty Girl as Best Friend? ]

  1. He talks about just one thing

Although there are several things you both can talk about, he seems interested in talking about one thing. Even when you call him up to meet, he starts talking about the possibilities of both of you getting intimate with each other. It is not that you do not like talking about it but you wonder why he talks about just one thing all the time. Even if you try changing the topic, he gets back to the same thing.

  1. He calls you at night

He does not seem interested in meeting you at any hour but the night. He always calls you up late at night and requests you to meet him. When you try to meet him at day time, he won’t make himself available, he gives excuses like he had a busy day and night time is the only time he could meet you. He gives the same reason every time and that’s when you need to reconsider being in a relationship with him. [ Read: Does Your Boyfriend Talk To His Ex All The Time? ]

Does not share details

You have provided him with every single detail of your life, but he refrains from talking much about himself. He will not talk about his family, his work or anything that could help you in tracing him. Even if you try to ask him about these things, he would change the topic and would always avoid talking about them. You cannot help but doubt the intentions of a man who is dating you but refuses to divulge anything about his life.

 9. He Only Compliments Your Looks

Girls love compliments from their boyfriends, do you ever feel that your boyfriend is complimenting only your looks and he never complements you for who you are? Like you draw beautifully, does your boy friend compliments you for drawing well or does he compliment you for having a good body? If you feel that way, there’s a sure chance that he might be faking his love just to sleep with you. A true man appreciates you for what you are, not for how you look.

 10. Alcohol Is Involved

Does your man takes you out for dinner date? Or does he invites you to meet you only to have drinks. If he does, there’s only one reason behind that, he is behind your body, not your love. You are easy prey when drunk. Does he ask’s you to hang out in public only when there’s drinking involved, like meeting up in a bar or a night club where alcohol is involved? Well girls, there’s no more to think, pack your bags and walk out, before the relationship adds more misery to your life.

After you spend some time with your partner and begin to know them well, the desire to get intimate will arise. There is nothing wrong about that. In fact, it is a very natural thing. However, sex should not be the only thing on your boyfriend’s mind. You must find out whether he really loves you and if his emotions are real or he is just faking it to get some action.