The 6 Things Guys Love Most About Women

The 6 Things Guys Love Most About Women

Aah, women! The adored ones, commanding immense respect. The perennial caregivers. Graceful, beautiful, charming, glittery, warm, filled with immense love – that’s a woman! What would the world be without the women, right? While we love women for all that they are – sugar, spice, and everything nice, there are  certain traits exclusive to women which makes guys, and their guys to be specific, swoon! So what things guys love?

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The 6 Things Guys Love Most About Women

Women make life so much more worthwhile. While girls love to crib that they are often under-appreciated and taken for granted, it is not completely true. There are aspects about women that men love, honour and appreciate. Just because they don’t say it out loud doesn’t mean that they do not acknowledge the awesomeness of women! While each woman has her own individual quality, an air of her own, there are a few that all women possess as a part of their charm. Intrigued?

Let me spell them out for you the things guys love most about women:

  1. The aroma

Imagine bathing yourself with the most fragrant bath milk, with your head lathered in a shampoo that smells of lavender and vanilla. As you step out of the bath, you layer yourself with body milk laced with the aroma of exotic flowers right out of the African tropical forest. Now close your eyes, and imagine the heady scent all this together will create! That’s what a woman smells like. All the time. Women are a walking perfume shop – a mix of the softest smelling shampoo, fragrant lotions and silky bodywashes! Men go gaga over nice-smelling women (who wouldn’t). And yes, that dash of candy-flavored perfume – heaven!

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  1. Maternal instincts

What’s the very first thing your girlfriend/ wife asks you when she calls you at work – Did you have your lunch? Right? Now just tell me, how can you not feel pampered and special? The maternal quality special to women is one of the qualities that men love. The way women ensure that all your stuff is in place, take care that you have enough to eat, the way you dress…just the way they show care and concern. And when your girl is showering all her attention on you, well, what better than that!

  1. Listening skills

Sometimes, all you want is to rant, rant and rant, with a patient ear to soak it all up. And who better than a woman when all you want is some patience to put up with all the built-up drama inside you. Women are gifted listeners, they are attentive listeners, they are patient listeners. And this quality makes them valuable to the opposite gender. Boss troubles at work? Speak to your girlfriend. Argument with a colleague? Tell your wife all about it. Messed up at the game practice? Your girlfriend will placate you. Whatever it is, your girl will always lend you a patient ear.

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  1. Agony aunts

This quality comes from the previous quality of being good listeners. No one better to solve your problems than you girl! Whether you are seeking advice on your work problems or need help socializing with your college mates, a girl will always have valuable wisdom to help you sail through the problem. The very reason it is called ‘Agony Aunt’ and nothing else, proves beyond doubt that women make perfect counselors and soothers. Truly, your friend, philosopher and guide.

  1. Women are cute

Let’s accept the fact, even the way some women wrinkle their noses is nothing but downright cute! There are many intricacies, little tricks that give women their cute edge. Whether dressed all day in yoga pants or dolled-up for a party, women can be cute anytime, anywhere. And you have to give it to them, they meet a baby or a puppy and squeal over a new dress with the same level of enthusiasm. Bows, glitter, frills, flowers, bling or a plain jane – women can be cute whenever they wish so!

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  1. Laughter

My heart skips a beat whenever I hear a woman laugh. And I don’t laugh as in heard-a-joke-laugh. By laugh I mean the whole-hearted, unabashed, no holding back, guttural, out of the heart laugh! A man loves nothing better than hearing her girl laugh – and if he can be the reason behind it, all the better! A woman’s laughter says a lot. A LOT. It means that she is having a good time, it says that she is at peace and is secure. Aren’t these the very feelings that a guy intends to instil in her lady love?

While these are only a few of the many things guys love about women, these surely are the topmost ones. As a woman, anything can make you beautiful. You never know, the way you tie your hair, the way you bite your lip when in utter concentration, the way your fingers dance when typing, that discreet smile and light in your eyes when you are taking to your guy – anything could be making your guy fall in love with you all over again, everyday.

So guys, tell us what makes your girl special. What are your favorite things about her? Girls do you agree with the things guys love?