Why Is Commitment Really Scary ?


Why Is Commitment Really Scary?

Some would agree to it and some would look at it rather disappointingly. But, the truth is as scary as commitment. Commitment means, a promise to be there and always maintain the trust. In a relationship the most important thing is TRUST. And some people have the fear of providing that trust. Well, the fear of commitment has a definite term called- commitmentphobia. But, today’s topic is different. Today, we will deal with “Why commitment is scary.”

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Reason 1: Lack of generousness among few men and women

I have seen people forgetting and forgiving at the same time. After a span of specific time, both boys and girls forget everything they had once promised. They break relationships over telephonic conversations. Finding another partner kind of happens just at a click. And even, they don’t shy away from talking all rubbish about their partner, with whom they had once promised a lifetime journey. So, how can people trust commitment? Thus, scary is the word which describes commitment nowadays.

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Reason 2: The increased necessity of SEX

I am not against sex, it is indeed one of the most integral parts of every relationship but, few people (including both men and women) take this as a mechanism to quench their thirst. And the fun part is, after their thirst is over, they dump their partner saying those cliched lines. I am gainst this particular option. So tell me, how will people commit to someone when the consequences are so scary! Relationships have become more use and throw types. No doubt there are hardly few committed people.

Reason 3: The very famous obnoxious break-ups

You know what is the saddest thing in a relationship is? It is BREAK-UP. Breakup happens all of sudden without any specific or valid reason. And the impact stays for a lifetime. Especially if it is someone’s first love. Especially if someone loved somebody so dearly, so affectionately and unconditionally that, the break up completely disturbed their life. Nowadays the passion for committing and staying loyal to your partner has somewhat vanished.

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Reason 4: Never to speak the truth attitude

Both girls and boys want one thing from their partner- to speak the truth. If you have done anything wrong, have the guts to speak it out. Why cover it up with a lie and to cover that choose another lie? Why! Don’t you feel that when your partner will come to know about it from someone else’s mouth he/she will be extraordinarily depressed?? Mistakes are meant to happen, there is nothing wrong in making mistake. But, making a blunder and hiding it or even manipulating it, is definitely not precise.

Reason 5: Mistakes have become a choice nowadays

For some partners (both men and women) mistakes have become more like their choice. Inspite of several warning from their girlfriend/boyfriend, they have taken them for granted. They continue the same error ( including flirting, sex, unhealthy talks) again and again. They know that their partner will forgive them when they will cry or show their “Hunky Attitude.” They think that by this they have actually won another round. But in reality, they are losing their partner bit by bit.

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After seeing all these, how can a person commit to somebody?? How can a person not feel vulnerable before taking that one step towards engagement?? Life is not easy, but it is purposely made difficult by some coward people like these.

tWhy Are Commitment Really Scary?

Justifying your faults or trying to show that attitude to your partner ( which he/she doesn’t deserve) is a sign of cowardliness. This shows that how foolish you are in real life. In search of metal, you are discarding the diamond who is with you. Having a ball is so easy, but only the wise know how to use. Growing up is easy, but being a man is not everyone’s cup of tea. Be a man, rather than being a playground for various girls.