7 Golden Rules for a Happy Life

7 Golden Rules for a Happy Life

We seek happiness but often remain saddled by the various pressures, responsibilities, liabilities that life doles out at us. As a result of the burden, we crib and complain all the time and feel that our life is devoid of happiness of any kind.  If you go through these emotions, it’s time you follow some golden rules that could lead you towards happiness.

7 Golden Rules For A Happy Life

Here are 7 golden rules for a happy life:

  1. Be grateful

Gratitude implies being thankful for what you have. Learn to be grateful for all the wonderful gifts that you got from this life. Don’t get upset thinking about all that you could not achieve. If you are an optimistic person and accept life as it comes to you, you will be a happy person. With a positive attitude, you will cherish all that you have and even go on to achieve all the things you want to. [ Check out: 6 Strong Signs It’s Time to Let Go


  1. Life is not perfect

Life is not supposed to be perfect. Understand that and learn to live with this fact. There will be adversities, tragedies and grieves. You have to take these things in your stride and keep walking in this journey of life. There will be moments of happiness and you have to sail through some difficult times too. Celebrate your victory and gracefully accept your defeat.

  1. Laughter is the best medicine

Laugh as much as you can. Never get overly conscious and hide your smile. Let the sound of your careless laughter drown your sorrows. Laughter helps in improving your immunity and helps you overcome any kind of stress. Don’t force a smile; instead think about a good memory that makes you happy.

  1. Nothing lasts forever

Nothing, be it a good time or a bad time, lasts forever. Even if you are going through a rough patch, just know that is a phase and it would pass in some time. Life is a cycle of happiness and sadness and it will continue to move till the day you are alive.

  1. Count your blessings

You will always be happy if you are content with what you have at the moment. The feeling of abundance is the first step towards finding happiness. Set attainable goals for yourself but don’t lose heart if you fail to achieve them. You cry over not being able to afford a bigger house but then, there are many who don’t have a roof over their head. It’s great to want a better life but be thankful for what you have. [ Also read: Happiness – Five Steps Away – Read How ]

  1. Don’t fear

We often fear about a lot of bad things happening to us which, eventually, don’t happen. There is no point in losing your sleep over something that you have no control on. Strengthen your grip on things which are in your hands and face trouble with all your might. What is bound to happen will happen. Don’t let the fear of the future spoil your present.

  1. Set yourself free

Don’t limit yourself in any manner. People, who ask you to stop dreaming and taking risks, don’t know what life is. Don’t let anybody influence and go with your instinct. Make your own mistakes and learn from them. Remember, we shape our own destiny. Follow your heart, it won’t leave you astray. [ Read here: 5 Tips To Build Your Self Esteem ]

As they say, happiness is a state of mind. It is important to form your own ideas, opinions and beliefs. Don’t let anybody condition your mind. Take charge of yourself and absorb all the happy, positive vibes from your surrounding and flush out anything that upsets you. Follow these golden rules of happiness.