Is First Impression is Really the Last Impression?


Is First Impression is Really the Last Impressions?

Often we hear people saying ‘First Impression is the last impression.’ Do you believe in this too? Do you too think Impressions can’t be changed with time? Time and change go hand in hand. It is not always the case that first impressions are the only thing which cannot be change with passing time. We can change our thinking and outlook towards the person if we want to. It entirely depends on our will. Will to give someone a second chance. A chance to change, a chance to make themselves better person. But this demands a lot of courage and involves risk in life.  is here to help you know first impressions are not forever
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Is First Impression is Really the Last Impression

Are Impressions Unchangeable? Let’s Find Out.

Time and chance can change anything. Nothing remains constant in this world. Impression about something or someone too change with passing time. There are times when we meet someone and find them good and later as we tend to get involved with them we realize that they are far different from the people we found them to be in real. How we get to know this? We get the chance to notice these changes has we allowed them to share their life with us. We know the person better when we spend some time with them.
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These first impression about the person can be changed if we choose to give them a chance to enhance themselves. They can really step towards the change in life. Life has many colors. These colors change from time to time. To put this in simple words, life is bright and life is dull sometimes. It never goes on with the same pace. And this roller coaster ride makes us hard towards people. Situations and circumstances play a major role in forming our impressions. Hence, they change with changing circumstances.

Therefore, Nothing is permanent, not even the first impression you form about the person. Hence, we should not judge anyone on the basis of these impressions. As everybody is fighting their on war.