How To Tell If He’s Not Being Honest?


How To Tell If He’s Not Being Honest?

Being honest with the person you are in a relationship is really really important. Lack of honesty is one of the biggest reasons people break up. Are you getting worried that your relationship too might fall prey to it? Want to know if he is not telling you the truth? In this article I will try to help you figure out if he is being honest with you. People are surprisingly bad at detecting lies, when the lies come from the person who they are in love with. Regardless, a lie is a lie. It’s same as cheating, more like emotional infidelity.

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Is he stalling when you are ask him something? Is he being vague and offers very few details? He either has some surprises planned for you and is making sure he doesn’t spill it out. If not, he is definitely lying to you. He is hiding something or multiple things. Is he repeating questions before answering them? He often fails to provide specific detail? Then he is definitely not being honest. If he seems to intentionally leave out important details, it most definitely means he is not telling the truth. Does he raises his voice when you try to question the authenticity of what he is saying? If yes, he is definitely lying. Unless you keep asking him the same question again and again. Then he is just annoyed at you.

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Overthinking is also an indicator of hiding the truth. If you ask him “Did you do it?” and he replies back with “Did I do it?” then yes he did it. His body language could help you too. Is he a guy who is not good at maintaining eye contact? But now he maintains eye contact the whole time? If yes, he is probably doing that to make you feel that he is being honest with you. Look for such changes in his body language. Something will be different than usual if he is not being honest. Want more tips on how to figure out if he is lying to you? Comment down below.