10 Ways To Tell If Someone likes you Without Asking Them

10 Ways To Tell If Someone likes you Without Asking Them

10 Ways To Tell If Someone likes you Without Asking Them

You think someone likes you but are not sure about it. How do you find out then? Asking them would be the best option but a lot of people do not have the courage to reach out to a person and ask them whether they like them. It gets very awkward when you do not know that person very well. You are drying to know whether they are interested in you but cannot seem to find out a way to do so. If you want to know whether someone likes you, you do not have to necessarily ask them about it. [ Read: The Greatest Feeling Is When The Man You Love Tells You


There are several other ways of finding it out:

  1. Protective

They are very protective about you. They always look out for you and ensure that you are safe and sound at all times. They come running when you are in trouble or need their help. They will never let you down in times of emergency and will be there for you even when you need them for something that does not call for them to come immediately. [ Read: 18 Signs to Know if Your Guy is Overprotective and Dominating! ]

  1. Glances

They might not look at you for a long time but just a quick glance is enough for you to know that they like you. If you notice them looking at you for a short time at regular intervals, try to observe them more closely and figure out what they do next. They will either hold on to their glances or look at you for a longer duration.

  1. They call you several times

Everybody owns a phone these days and it is a very effective medium to connect with your friends and family. They call you up several times a day and ask you how are you. Even when they do not call for sometime, they keep in touch with you through text messages. They cannot stay away from you for long and that is the reason they keep pinging you with calls and messages. [ Read: Reasons You Should Date an Older Man at Least Once ]

  1. Selflessness

S/he is a selfless person who is willing to give away anything for you. They have made several sacrifices for you in the past and would not blink an eyelid before giving away everything that is precious to them for you. They were never a self-centered person but when they are around you, they become all the more giving as a person.

  1. Jealous

Jealous is a very basic human trait that is hard to escape from. Even the ones who say that they are completely secure as individuals have weak spots. If he gets jealous when he sees you with other guys, he is interested in you. As both of you are not in a relationship, seeing you with other men can make him insecure and he might get worried thinking that he will lose you to one of them. [ Read: Are You the Kind of Guy Who She can Take Home to Her Mom? ]

  1. Your wish is his command

They fulfill all your wishes and never say a no. They will never stop you from doing something and will go out of their way to make sure that you get what you want. Sometimes, even when you do not express your wish verbally, they will fulfill it as he knows what is going on in your mind. They do everything to ensure that you get what you wish for.

  1. He talks about you

They love talking about you. A lot. Their friends tell you whenever they are with them, the only person they talk about is you. Even when you meet them, they keep showering praises on you and says things that signify that they are in awe of you. He does not say these things to flatter you to create a good impression you. They believe in everything that they say and it shows that he holds you in high regard. [ Read: How to Compliment a Girl and Make Her Blush ]

  1. The way he looks at you

Both of you are having a normal conversation and are cordial to each other. But, you can see a glint in their eyes. The smile refuses to go from their face and they seem extremely delighted to be talking to you. There is a dreamy look on his face which suggests they are lost in you thoughts. All these signs suggest that they have strong feelings for you.

  1. Never argues

Whenever you say something or express your opinion on a subject, they nod their head in agreement. They never object to anything that you do. There are times when you go wrong with your opinions but they never ever argue with you. You may call them submissive but they are just not able to contradict you simply because he is in love with you. [ Read: How to be The Perfect Lady who Attracts Her Man and Everybody else too! ]

  1. Spends time

They like to spend a lot of time with you. They make plans and take you out for dinner and movies. Spending time with someone is the first and basic sign that suggests that the person is interested in you. They will never disrupt your schedule. Instead, they will inform you about their plans days in advance so that you can go out with them at your convenience.

Figuring out whether somebody likes it or not is not as tough as it seems. When we are in love we find it incredibly difficult to hide it. Even though we might not gather the courage to propose to someone, we always end up doing things that give away the fact that we are in love. When a person starts taking interest in you, you will find out easily.