Your Love Took Me Out Of Darkness


Your Love Took Me Out Of Darkness

Like the shining sun you brightened up my day,
And filled my life with joy in every way.

Like a radiant star you removed the darkness from my night,
And helped me have a future that’s so bright.

I can be myself when you are near,
And in your arms I have nothing to fear.

When you are not by my side I feel so lonely,
Because you are my one and only.

Just being by your side makes my day,
Because you always know what to say.

You loved me with all your heart,
And I would never want us to part.

I promise to always take good care of you,
Because the love that we both share is so true.

Your love made me laugh when all I could do was cry,
And you made me live when all I wanted was to die.

I wish what’s between us will stay this way,
Because I don’t want to live any other way.