Why You Will Never Find Your Prince Charming


Why You Will Never Find Your Prince Charming

Firstly, and most importantly, it is important to know that Prince Charming is a fictional character. It is extremely hard, next to impossible, to find the perfect man. One of the meanings of the word ‘human’ (assuming that you’re not searching for any other species) implies that all human beings are flawed. This, in itself, implies that Prince Charming is a myth. Let us give you a few reasons why you’ll never find your perfect man.

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Why You Will Never Find Your Prince Charming -likelovequotes

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He’s hard to find

As soon as you decide that you want nothing less than the perfect man, you are limiting yourself to only those men who fit the initial description of what Prince Charming is. Considering the fact that you know he’ll be hard to find, you will soon realise that it’s even tougher than you thought, because you’ll hardly find anyone who is perfect in every way.

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You’re limiting yourself

As soon as you decide you only want one kind of guy – the perfect type, you’re ruling out the possibility of falling in love with any other kind of guy. You don’t even give yourself the chance to fall for a different kind of guy, because you just want the perfect man, and nothing less.

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Living up to him

If you do end up finding Prince Charming, which is highly unlikely anyway, you’ll have to be Cinderella yourself, to get him. If such a rare kind of man does exist, imagine the number of women who would want him. Good luck trying to win that race!

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He might not end up being that great

He is so perfect when you imagine him. But think about it, will he really be that much fun to be around? Maybe, after a point, his level of perfection will start getting on your nerves, and you’ll want a different kind of guy, maybe a less perfect one.

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The most important point still remains, that prince charming is a fictional character, found in fairy tales. Life is no fairy tale, and if you’re smart enough to know that, you should be realistic while searching for love. Don’t set targets that you can’t achieve!