A Love Story, So Simple Yet So Complicated


A Love Story, So Simple Yet So Complicated

Love stories may look really beautiful and flawless. But, there are some hidden complicated parts, hidden secrets which are really dark and has the ability to ruin those beautiful love stories just at a flick. Today’s story is also similar. The story is about a couple, Rick and Jenny. Whenever I sit down to recite their stories I get emotional. They both shared a strange bond of love which even after separation is so strong and constant.

A Love Story, So Simple Yet So Complicated

When Rick Met Jenny

….and they just couldn’t get their eyes off each other. Their first meeting happened like a roller coaster ride. Rick and Jenny worked in the same office but in different departments. Rick was a part of the media and advertisements team, and Jenny was the part of the marketing department. Complicated, right? Not that much really. So one day Jenny had to visit Rick’s office which was on the 7th floor in the same building. Jenny was the star employee of the department. She was hardworking, beautiful, and SINGLE.

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Rick, on the other hand, was successful, generous, but not someone who would fall in LOVE. Actually, he had this strange attitude of ignoring love. Such a common love story right? Serious girl meets a Philophobic boy, the girl changes everything and boom, LOVE HAPPENS. But it was not that simple. Rick was hiding something, something which was about to change both of their lives FOREVER.

How Did They Fell For Each Other

A Love Story, So Simple Yet So ComplicatedNow that’s what I call a question. So, Rick and Jenny met for the first time during a meeting when Jenny had to visit the advertising department. Jenny entered the office and enquired for Rick. Following the direction of the finger, Jenny turned her head and saw a neatly dressed up man sitting in his chair and enjoying his cup of something. She walked near his table and said- “Sir had sent me to discuss with you about the upcoming project.” And the meeting continued, slowly with months and years, Jenny and Rick fell for each other. They were known as a hot couple of the office. From the ground floor to the 14th floor, everybody knew about their love story. Things were going really well, Jenny was happy in her life. She got Rick, who was a little bit scared to express his feelings but was someone she had been looking for throughout her life.

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14th March 2014……..

The date was really special for them. It was their anniversary, their first anniversary. They had completed a year with each other. So, Rick had planned a surprise for her partner. He took a day off and planned a surprise party at one of the most exquisite hotels. Everything was planned according to their story. Jenny was welcomed with a bouquet of flowers from the corridor. She wore a beautiful plum coloured long gown, accessorised with a diamond neckpiece, hair tied up in a sexy messy updo. Rick, on the other hand, was waiting for her love. He had invited all her office colleagues for the day. She was about to propose her.

A Love Story, So Simple Yet So Complicated

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Jenny marched down the aisle with the best smile and a nervous heart. She never thought Rick would plan something like this for her. As she went near the door, she could hear her heartbeat. Rick opened the door and held Jenny by her hand and walked together to the main floor. All her colleagues welcomed the happy couple with a huge round of applause and cheer. Rick took out a ring and bent on his knees to propose Jenny. Jenny had tears in her eyes, she gave her hand when suddenly Rick received an emergency message. A person dressed in white shirt and a formal pant broke into the celebration. He went near Rick and said- “Sir, there is this lady calling you. She is addressing herself as Mrs Johnson.”

A Love Story, So Simple Yet So Complicated

Rick’s full name was Rick Johnson. From that day Rick and Jenny never met each other. Jenny went somewhere far, far from the chaos and stupidity of the city life. Rick still now searches for Jenny. He has the ring with him even now. Their love story was indeed complicated but at the end, it was a LOVE STORY.