Yes, I do! – A Love Story Worth Reading

Yes, I do! – A Love Story Worth Reading

Yes, Mike was a jolly good guy. He inherited his dad’s real estate business and became a millionaire. He enjoyed his life to the hilt. He was nearing thirty five that year. Tall, handsome and lean, he had a way with the ladies. During the day time, he worked hard at his classy office and by the evening he would be out on a date with a new girl every week. [ Read: A Cute Short-Story : Blind Love]

Yes, I do! - A Love Story Worth Reading

Mike was a good son; he always looked after his parents, but lived his life on his own terms. He had taken over the business when he was twenty because his father was not doing well and was advised bed rest. Since then, he never looked back. But Mike always had a problem with commitment. No girl till date had been able to make him fall in ‘love’ or had a great impact on his life. He thought of love and marriage as a big hassle and stayed away from it. His parents were worried about him and often asked him to get married, but he always ignored it. [ Read: The Bestie – Story about Friendships and Infatuations


One day, his father got very emotional and said he wanted to see his grandchild before leaving this world. Mike couldn’t stand to see his father cry. He said he would marry the girl of his father’s choice to make him content. His father was very happy and instantly arranged a meeting with the girl he had in mind for Mike for a couple of years. Her name was Mia. She was his former personal assistant. She had tremendous respect for Mike’s father. since he was her ex-boss. She cared for him like her own father. Part of it was because she had no father. She lived with her mother and they weren’t very well to do. She was an average looking girl with tremendous courage.

Mike met Mia and told her what he thought of love and marriage. He said that he has agreed to marry her only because his dad was ill and concerned. He said that his dad thinks highly of her and wants him to get married only to her. Eventually, he will get a divorce from her and will give her a fat alimony, so that she can have a decent life ahead. But she would not be allowed to interfere in his life, and would have to just be friends. Mia reluctantly agreed to it, partly because she was in need of money for her mother’s operation and partly out of respect and concern for Mike’s father. [ Read: Timeless Love – Story]

Mike and Mia got married. Everyone was very happy, especially Mike’s parents. Mike and Mia stayed together like friends. They both never got close or crossed a line and pretended to be happy in front of others. Mike still carried with his weekend dating life, which Mia also knew about but never uttered a word even though it disturbed her a lot.

One day, as Mike was returning from a date, drunk and driving, he had a terrible accident and was hospitalized. Mike was bedridden for several weeks. He couldn’t move, couldn’t do anything on his own. Mia took immense care of him. Gave him his medicines, fed him, combed his hair and cleaned his feet. Slowly, Mike started recovering; he was able to walk a bit. Mia made him walk everyday by supporting his body. Mike couldn’t help but adore the way she dedicated her entire day towards his health so selflessly. It was about nine months and now Mike was back to normal. [ Read: Distance Can’t Keep Us Apart – True Story.]

Mike realized in all these months that he had been quite a jerk to Mia, and how much she had done for him. He walked up to her one day while she was preparing his lunch. He put some papers on the kitchen counter and said “these are the divorce papers, please sign them.”

Mia was heartbroken. She realized that she couldn’t let go of Mike, she was in love with him irrespective of his behavior towards her. But she knew she agreed to something and it was time to go. [ Read: My Best and Wonderful Soul-mate – Story]

She went to look at the papers and saw written in huge letters – ‘I love you! And this time I do forever, my lovely wife. – Your silly husband.’

Mia couldn’t believe her eyes and was almost about to break down, when Mike hugged her protectively. They had a great married life and finally Mike had met a rather strong woman who had a great impact on his life and made him a better man. She changed her thoughts about love and marriage completely. [ Read: There Is A Story Behind Every Little Emotion ]

Moral: Look closely; sometimes the people we search for in the outside world are, in fact, very near and dear to us. It just takes a keen eye to notice them and value them.

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