When A Writer Falls In Love.


When A Writer Falls In Love.

When a writer falls in love with a person,they will call them the breath of fresh air. They will describe them like the wave of the cold ocean at 2 in the morning. They are going to love them like the words written on the first page of their favorite novel. They are going to be their muse, they are going to be their happy song. They are going to be their home and their warmth.

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When a writer falls in love

When a writer falls in love with a person, they will write to them when they are crying themselves to sleep and when their stomach hurts  because they make them laugh so much.

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A writer will apologize sometimes because of their inability to string up words in a manner to expound what how much they are in love with the other human they’ve found happiness in.

When a writer writes about someone ,they explain the feeling of being with them just like that of the first rainfall on the palm of their hand.

They write about their kisses like seeds planted on their body just because they make let them grow flowers out of them and love them endlessly.

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A writer will always make one feel the pain just as real as the love.

When a writer falls in love with you, they fall in love with each and every part of you. With each and every piece of you. They love with the affection one thought doesn’t exist. They will pick up all your pieces to build a home for the two of you. A home which will feel much more alive than the rainbows and the music. They will love your smile just as much as is needed for you to never stop from smiling. They will love your hair and every strand of it. They will live through your brown eyes and see their while universe within them. They will kiss your cheeks appreciating your freckles using a million fancy words. They will write about the shape of your fingers and the dimples you get. They will write about your expressions while you’re reading your favourite book and about the sound of your sleep just when you’re about doze off.

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A writer who falls in love with you will notice and write about the things you never cared to notice about yourself.

A writer would fall in love with you in a manner that would never make you stop reading about your own self. A writer who would write for you, will give you an identity which would never die. If a writer falls in love with you, you would know what magic feels like.