The World Of Karma Is A Dogy-Dog World


The World Of Karma Is A Dogy-Dog World

Woof! Karma and its sinful spell never fail to surprise its customers. It actually makes sure that they get the right kind of service they deserve, which is neither more nor it is less. Well, Karma is like a job, it depends on upon your qualification and your experience. With greater qualification and better experience, you receive greater services  from that holy bitch. Below are some quotes of Karma which are as true as the rains.

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The World Of Karma Is A Dogy-Dog World

Quote 1-

“People who create their own drama, deserve their own karma”

This means those who dig their own grave are sure to fall in it first and stay there forever to get the Karma-Bang.

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Quote 2-

“What goes around, comes back around!”

Hmm! So you thought you will escape and leave a happy life after doing anything wrong to anybody?? Well, you are a fool.LOL

Quote 3-

Karma says “Forgive what hurts you, bit never forget what it taught you”

No further description required, the quote says it all. You should forgive those who did wrong to you, but, never forget the lesson you learned from it. And never go back to them either.

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Quote 4-

“The magic of Karma is, it actually gives you what you deserve and also some extra cookie points too.”

You love to eat cookies right?? Well, how about THE KARMA COOKIES, filled with your salty deeds and sweet wounds?? Taste it out.

Quote 5-

“It’s ok to hate people. you can’t love all. And, after all, that happened, I guess it’s really cool to hate them”

Yes. Hating people is equally important especially for those who made you feel like an emotionally unstable person.

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Quote 6-

“If people are hating you or trying to bring you down, it means you are surely doing something hugely right. Never give up.”

People, people, and people, they are like the punctuations who don’t know their value unless full stop came into being.

Quote 7-

“You can’t change your yesterday,so, “I could have”, “I should have”, or even “I would have”, are useless thoughts. Karma is on their way to give them what they deserve”

You just sit, focus on your career, and relax.

Quote 8-

“So, you thought you’ve deleted all the information about your infidelity by deleting the texts and pictures?? You are wrong, the pages of #Karma cannot be destroyed, you will meet your fate very soon”

Never try to fool #Karma, it is something you can’t touch. It is your life deeds, your sum total of those deeds you did throughout your life. Npbody can change their fate nor they can chage their #Karma, but the thing which you can do to make sure you don’t get bitten by its venomous bite are-

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  • Be good, always be helpful to those in need
  • Never hurt anybody’s feelings willingly if they have not done anything wrong to you
  • Never pray anything evil for anybody, if you can’t pray good for them don’t pray anything bad either
  • If possible, be kind and generous to your enemies too. Let them feel that the power of love is much stronger than the power of hatred

The World Of Karma Is A Dogy-Dog World

#Karma follows you like your shadow, never try to fool it , you can’t deceive your own shadow, it will follow you wherever you go and whatever you do. Your life is the reflection of your past, make sure you had comparatively better past to ensure a pleasant future. You are the one responsible for your own fate, you are the one who can change yourself as a person and you are the one who can save yourself from the sinful curse of #Karma. Don’t try to play with it, you won’t be able to bear.