Words of a Broken Heart

Words of a Broken Heart

“Love is a feeling that can be seen in one’s eye. Love is the sight of the sunset and the sunrise. Love is the joy that makes people smile. Love is the pain that makes people cry.” – Words of a Broken Heart.

I was once in love with a person whom I thought I have to spend the rest of my life with. Our relationship lasted for more or less 3 years. I never thought that we end up falling apart and grow distant and cold to each other. I thought were meant to be after all we’ve been through the good & bad times. The promises of love. The dreams we shared & build. But it suddenly came to an end. The memories keep lingering on my mind but how I wish I could delete & forget them at once. [ Read: How She Becomes a Broken Angel]

Words of a Broken Heart
– Written by: Ethelaine Balanay Cabillon (member of LikeLoveQuotes.com)
That was my first heartbreak. It was painful and it hurts like hell. I feel like my heart suddenly grow numb. I feel unloved and ignored. I tried to fixed our relationship but he refused. He gave up that easily. [ Read: 8 Perfect Ways to Mend a Broken #Heart]

After a year of living in misery. I suddenly realized: Why should I cry for someone who doesn’t deserved my tears? There is no use on holding to someone who has been hurting me. I still have my family & friends to be there with me. I promised myself that I should learn how to move on. I have to accept the reality that he left me & he may have never truly loved me. Because if he did, he wouldn’t leave for that simple misunderstanding between us. You can call me old-fashioned but I do believe that making love is only shared by a married couple.

There’s one thing I have learned from him though. He made me realized that when loving someone, we should see to it if they are sincere enough for their love and we should never give our all because if they leave, atleast there is something left for us. Our self-respect and self-worth. [ Read: asdas ]
So when loving someone, we should never stick to only what our heart feels. Sometimes our brain is a necessity. Let us not use our eyes to cry for the one who fooled us & those who treat us bad. Instead let’s use our eyes to search for the right one. Let’s love the one who will fight for us & bravely face each obstacles & every consequence. The one who have trust & patience in everything.

We should not love the one who only love us when the conditions are right for them. We should never love someone who just treats you as an option. Let us not overuse our heart trying to love the one who never appreciates our efforts. We should save the best part of us for the person who deserve us & deserve to be love by us. [ Read: 15 Broken #Heart Quotes and Sayings]

When I tried to look back at my past it still hurts. I know there were many things I regret- words had gone unsaid, start that has bitter endings, chances thrown away, roads I have never taken, signs I did not see, hearts that was hurt needlessly & wounds that I hope it would mend. But life get that much harder. The past can’t be rewritten but it made me stronger. I’m thankful for every change life has thrown me, for every break in my heart and it may left a scar. Some pages turned, some were burned but I have lessons learned. If its love that breaks us, its love that make us whole again. Let’s be wise to make choices in order for us to be happy. Lastly, always trust in God in whatever he gives us. He knows what’s the best for us.

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