Why Do Women Lose Themselves In Love


Why Do Women Lose Themselves In Love

Have you ever thought why women lose themselves in love? One lazy afternoon I too was toyed by the same idea, Why do really lose themselves when they are in love? And that very moment, I asked myself do we really do so? It was then, I realized that it is simply a notion which every one carries in their mind. True it is a mental construct. This is because I strongly believe that ”Women do not lose themselves, but they give themselves completely to their relationships” Women are ”Givers”, they promise to give, love, care, trust, loyalty, and support to their partner forever.  Hence, if giving so much to nurture the relationship makes her ‘Lose Herself’ she is ready for it too.

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Reasons Women Lose Herself In Love

There are many kinds of people in this world. Some of them can be termed as ‘Givers’. While others can be termed as ‘Takers’ Women are the known to be the givers. Yes you read it right, girls are always ready to give everything to a relationship just to make it a successful one. They give so much to the relationship when they are in love that they are said to lose themselves in it completely and happily.

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Don’t you think women can too be Ambitious, Independent, Boss and a Hero. But still she choose to be someone who can ‘Give Everything She Has in Her.’ The power to do so comes from within. It comes when she knows she is in relationship with someone who will be her Support when nobody will be around her. Yes, ”Love is Powerful, Magical and Falling for the Right Person Makes it Beautiful.”

Thus, we can say Women too can be Bold. But they know where to draw a line at the same time. She is soft and submissive side with the heart of gold. She is affectionate and passionate and extremely sexual. Women lose themselves in love because She knows ‘how to take care of the man.’ Therefore, She is Spiritual and Selfless and understands the definition of Unconditional Love.