Without You I am Nothing; With You


Without You I am Nothing; With You

Without you I am nothing; with you I am everything. You make me complete, you make me feel alive. Without you I am nothing, with you I am something. Together we are everything. I am nothing without you, I want to get lost in your eyes, I want to sink in your memories. I would spend my whole day with you, if not I will spend the day dreaming about you, because it’s not possible for me to stop thinking about you. My heart never stops longing for you and I don’t want it to stop too. My arms want to hold on to you and my eyes want to see you all through the day. You reside deep in my heart and no force could tear you apart from me. I need you to be with me, because I am the best me, when I am with you. Nothing feels right when you are away. Distance might keep us away, but not your memories, it will reside in me till the end of time. I need you to be mine forever.

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Without You I am Nothing; With You-likelovequotes

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