I just wanna be your winter bear and Hug You Like One


“I just wanna be your winter bear and Hug You Like One”

So here is the season of snow and an over-sized sweater, the season to celebrate winter-love like a bear with a bear hug! How romantic and warm ( TSK TSK). Winter is the season where you can look your beat being ugly. Believe me, just a little bit of kajal and your boyfriend’s oversized hoodie and you are ready to rock the winter fashion. Here is a list of super cool things you can do this winter to make it a memorable one.

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I just wanna be your winter bear and Hug You Like One

#1 Go for a winter quilt night out

You must be thinking what kind of night out is this! Well, to sort out your confusion, this will be the boyfriend’s night out you will ever experience. Just make sure you take one quilt and snuggle each other inside that. One quilt, you and your partner, what can be more romantic than this??

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#2 Enjoy the sunset with a cup of hot chocolate

You don’t need to visit any exotic location for this, just sit by your window, hold your partner’s hand and take a sip of your hot chocolate. Put your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder and think about the good times, take another sip of your hot chocolate. Look into each other’s face to notice any moustache, and seal the moment with a selfie.

#3 Baking classes

Indulge yourself into a baking class and surprise your partner by making some really out of the world cakes or muffins. Now taste each other’s creation and give each other scores. The one who wins with the maximum stars will get a bear hug from the other partner. Don’t forget to seal this wonderful moment with a selfie. You can, later on, enjoy a good laugh over it.

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#4 Play dark room under your blanket

Revive those simple and innocent childhood memories but in a rather unusual manner. Since you are not a child anymore, so, you can ditch the childhood fun and play this dark house in a rather improvised manner. Now what changes or improvisations you want to do is totally upto you. Let the darkness be a hauntingly sexy night.

#5 Work out together

Working out together can be fun and competitive at the same time. Make those sexy abs and flaunt it with your boyfriend. Go for a morning walk or jog together, pamper yourself with some refreshing green tea and get yourself ready for work. Such an exciting way to start your day isn’t it!

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#6 Ice skating

Grab your partner’s hand and give your bucket list a tick. The ice-skating you’ve been waiting for this winter, just you and your partner and all those other spectators. Transform it into a date by going for a splendid lunch together.

#7 Why not plan an ice-cream night out

Chilly winters,over-sized hoodie, and your favorite ice-cream. Don’t blame us if you gain a sore throat, later on, after all, it is a date night. Believe me, you will love it and will thank us later on.

#8 Escape out

Head out towards an unexplored journey without informing anybody and explore the place. Just you and your love and the beautiful wintery atmosphere to witness your love.

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I just wanna be your winter bear and Hug You Like One

Winter is fun and full of exciting moments. Grab your woolen wears or kidnap your boyfriends hoodies and sweaters, hop into your boots and jog away with your love. Instead of spending the #winters in a rather boring way, spice it up by doing something unusual. Make it a memory which will always bring a smile to your face.