Wife Writes an Open Letter to Her Husband

Wife Writes an Open Letter to Her Husband

Once a couple gets married, the communication between them becomes direct. Interactions become mainly face-to-face, compared to telephones and the internet. In such times, if a wife decides to write a love-filled letter to her husband, it is bound to cheer him up. Let’s see what that would look like.

Wife Writes an Open Letter to Her Husband

To My Hubby Dearest,

Today when you were leaving for work, and were wearing your neck tie, I was simply sitting and admiring you. I realized how much has changed since we first met and also post our marriage. We met during college, and you were so crazy about me that you chased me for a year and made me say yes, eventually. Since then, there has been no looking back. You were this childish but cute boy and you have transformed into a responsible man, a loving husband and a caring father to our kids.  [ Read: 10 Ways To Be Best Wife 


These past ten years just flash by my eyes, and I realize that every moment spent with you has been sheer bliss. We have always been a couple that people look up to. You have been the flirty and PDA kinds, while I have been shy and more reserved. I guess that is what makes us both extremely attracted to each other and  makes us different. They say, ‘opposites attract’ and truly so, in our case. You were always a romantic at heart and have done silly things to surprise me and make me happy. I think it’s my turn to give my dearest hubby a little surprise that he might like.  [ Read: 12 Real Warning Signs Why Couples Drift Apart Over Time? ]

Thus, I’m writing this letter to you. In our day to day routine, we often discuss our children, finances, loans, rent, expenses, work and friends. But we tend to forget to make each other feel special. Life has been a roller coaster ride since I met you. Ten years have passed by and it just seems like ten minutes ago. I never thought I could be a good wife to someone or somebody could actually bear me. But you make me feel like I’m the best wife in the whole world and you not only bear with me but also take out time for us to spend together every now and then.

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate these little things that you do for me. Be it cooking on the weekends, taking our kids out, handling household problems when I have to meet my friends, accommodating my relatives when they drop in, being a great host at our house parties or even helping me do my hair. All these things, not only help me out but make me feel so proud to have you as my husband.  [ Read: Meaning of Different Types of Kisses ]

Everyday, you message me from work, so I don’t even need to call you and ask you questions, like other wives probably ask their husbands. This bond of trust, security, love and faith is precious and I don’t ever want to lose it. You are simply the best husband in the world. You make me happy each and every day. Even if you are tensed with your work, you never bring it home. You don’t ever say “no” to our kids. You never let the home environment get spoilt with any kind of misunderstandings.  [ Read: 7 Ways To Heal A Broken Heart ]

Sometimes I wish every girl in the world would get a loving and doting husband like I did. But then sometimes, I feel selfish and want to be the only one who experiences such happiness! I am just writing this letter to pour out all the love that I have for you and am not able to express to you as much as I would want to. Writing has always been an easy way for me to express my feelings. You know that, because you have so many of my love letters secure with you.  [ Read: Different Types Of Love Everyone Experience in Life ]

You are also my inspiration, darling. You make me strong and always support me. I love you and will always do so.

Your loving Wife.

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