Why Dating An Aquarius Is So Much Fun


Why Dating An Aquarius Is So Much Fun

Aquarius or the water bearer is the most free-spirited member of the zodiac family. Being the eleventh sign of the zodiac, aquarian’s are full of love, unimaginable affection and an unconventional way of thinking. Dating them can be both intimidating and a risky adventure at the same time. But one thing I can assure you and that is, one would not feel bored while dating them. They love to be independent, straight forward, over protective, and a deep thinker who feels deeply for those in need.

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If you are looking for someone wild, weird, passionate, unconventional, enchanting, then baby, you are at the right spot. But, if you are looking for some whom you can tame or demoralize, criticise at every point, better try your luck at some other planet, MAY BE. That’s why we are here to help you with all our knowledge on why and how dating an aquarian is much more than just a piece of cake.

Why Dating An Aquarius Is So Much Fun

Let’s begin with the WHY and HOW parts.

Why and How Dating An Aquarius Is Full Of Kick

1/Nobody’s fool

Aquarians are much more experienced and smart than you think them to be. Their way of exploring and learning new things are filled with much deeper introspection. Their ability to judge people is something they are born with. You can fool them once, but not more than that. They are keen learner and observers, they know how to rise from the ashes. And once they are up, trust me, nothing in this world can stop them from claiming their revolution. Their cute, innocent appearance might fool you, but only the lucky ones get’s the chance to know an Aquarius.

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2/Everyday Is A New Day

They love living each day with new motives and missions. By mission I mean, they look forward to learning new things about themselves and also their surroundings. So, dating them will be really full of life and adventures. An interesting partner to live with who will always keep you captivated with their wild, quirky activities. They have this madcap attitude which makes them paradoxically different from the rest. An avid believer in long term relationship, they value honesty more than anything and having said that there is no place for dishonest people in their world.


Known for embracing the offbeat ventures, always keen to know and on their feet, for adventures an Aquarian is a surprise in bed. Tease them, turn them on and playfully say anything to entice the situation. They are their best in bed but only when they are sure about the fact that the one they are sleeping with is loyal to them just like the way they are. One needs to be really mindful, honest and witty to see an aquarian unfolding themselves in bed. Trying to manipulate them or use them according to one’s need, get assured with some filmy punches or slaps. Now, where they’ll land I am not sure about it.

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4/Valentines Day– NAH…No Space For Mawkish Romance

Yeah! They don’t believe in specific days or dates to celebrate their love. To them, any day can be a romantic or a valentines day. Forget to wish them on 14th February no issues, forget to call them and say “HAPPY KISS DAY” no worries at all, but forget their birthday, trust me you will be rewarded with some really adorable sarcastic return gifts. They believe in romance, but not those FACEBOOK WALL POST types.

To them, romance is all about being grounded and being real. Introduce them to your family, take them for a magical movie date, surprise her with a sudden visit, or by sending some Starbucks hamper, this will surely make them smile from ear to ear. But do you know what entices them the most?? It’s those small hugs, a little kiss on the forehead, that little “I LOVE YOU” instead of just “Love You Too”, and also to mention, a promise to stay by their side throughout the life- #HopelesslyRomanticAuthor

Why Dating An Aquarius Is So Much Fun

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An Aquarian is a different chapter altogether, free spirited, independent, unconventional, smart, loving, romantic, eccentric and always filled with positive thoughts, Tame them or try to cross their way, they will remove you like an old ridden chapter from their life. Respect them, love them, they will treat you like you’ve never been treated before. They do everything and anything with full care and affection which at times hurts them badly, but that never stops them from spreading the magic of happiness all around. Break their heart or deceive them, they will never look back on your life anymore. This is how an Aquarius is, moody but not giddy-headed, chirpy but not talkative, intellectual but not boring!