Why They Call This Love ?

Why They Call This Love

Why They Call This Love ?

I’m not sure why people call this as love…

If you can call this romance, why is it known as love ?

You see we’ve changed since the start, we are not the same people that we once used to be even though we live together now I don’t think our love is together. We’re distant lonely and apart, the love between us is drifting apart as each day passes by. But we both look the other way and we don’t agree our love has changed. And we are pretending that we still believe in love. It is not even mandatory that if a couple started their relationship with a name given to  it as love, will be ‘love’ indeed all their life. I think we need to understand this relation, not that relation which is made in a very immature way but a relation which is there at its place today after so much introspection and thinking.

This relation which they term as ‘love’ maybe a relation where both the individuals find what we call as ‘perfect’ or most suitable partners for them. Its then only they decided to stay together all their life, they get married and started a family together. Because inside their hearts they knew that they can never get better than what they have right now.

So if we observe a little more we will find that love is another form of what we call as ‘practicality’ and ‘rationality’ amongst people for their survival. Why we are so sure about this is because only those relationship lasts long which are made on the base of rationality and maturity. And that is how they are called ‘true love’ because they last long forever. Unless your love stories are not tragic ones like Laila-Majnu or Romeo-Juliet.

This is why most people believe that real love which usually has the intention of staying long-lasted happens around the age of 20s, because this is the age when people are more likely to have the sense of maturity and rationality. So whoever they go for always come out to be the choices they made from best possible options, taking into account the very important issues of their lives which can be resolved by the choices they made.

Hence what you call love is love but has many hidden synonyms that you never thought of, and you are not aware of but they still happen to be there because all of these synonyms together make the true meaning of love. Which can not be seen but can be felt by the ones only those have analysed it properly.