Why She Will Not Sleep with You


Why She Will Not Sleep with You

Let’s get something out of the way right now. Like most men, women too love getting laid, even the good girls. They’re just not open about their desires as much men are. They tend to be silent to avoid being labeled as slu*s by the society for openly talking about those quench. So if she keeps telling that she got an headache, she probably is not telling the truth, she is just bluffing to not sleep with you. Whether you’re dating, married, or just met, here are some possible reasons why she is not willing to sleep with you, even when they really want to.

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She’s Not Comfortable

She might be massively attracted to you, she would be soo high in love with you, but these don’t necessarily mean that she will share her bed and body with you. As long as she does not feel completely comfortable, she is not going to let you anywhere close to her bed. She is not going to sleep with you, if she isn’t comfortable in your presence. Instead of trying hard to prove her how good you are in bed, try to understand what it is about you that is making her uncomfortable. You might be good looking, you might flatter her with your words but none of those are gonna convince her to sleep with you. She needs to feel safe in your presence, she needs assurance that you won’t overpower her. Don’t try to get into her pants as soon as she admits that she is in love with you, that’s a great way to make her uncomfortable. Connect with her emotionally, get to know her well, let her connect back. After all making love would never be good if you both can’t connect emotionally before connecting physically.

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Yes, sl*t-shaming could be a reason why she will not sleep with you. And we can’t really blame her for that, society has always been too fast in sl*t shaming a girl who is too fast in sharing her bed with a guy she just met. Most still maintain the cultural suppression of female sexuality and strongly believe that a women should not be as outgoing when it comes to experiencing or experimenting with her body, with a guy who is not legally her mate. It doesn’t matter how attracted she is to you and how bad she wants you, but when it comes to being ridiculed by the society or sharing her bed with you, she will choose not to share her bed with you.

These are tow of the many reasons why she won’t sleep with you, want to know more? Let us know in comments below. Author Manoj.