Why Saying, “I Love You” Too Soon is Not a Good Idea

Why Saying, “I Love You” Too Soon is Not a Good Idea

It’s Friday evening and your date is going so smooth that you are almost smitten by the person you’ve spent the last few hours with. That one date turns into four others and you are head over heels by now. So is it love? Well, even if you are quite certain it is love, is it a good idea to go and blurt it out now? May be not!

Why Saying, “ I Love You ” Too Soon is Not a Good Idea

Here’s why saying, “I love you” too soon is a relationship is not a good idea…

  1. You’ll put pressure on the relationship

Your relationship is still sailing in light waters and by uttering the word ‘love’ the ship will be affected by a storm which will put you in a major turmoil. Any relationship takes time to grow and needs its own time to mature. By bringing in the word ‘love’ you’ll be pushing the gear too fast which will put the other person under such pressure that you relationship will turn awkward.  [Read: 18 Ways Of Saying ‘I #LOVE YOU’ ]

  1. You appear needy

“Just a few dates down and you think it is love?” Your partner is going to think you are possessive and obsessive and that you don’t have dignity or will. You need to take it easy for quite some time to declare such a strong emotion, but if you do it so quickly, you are going to appear needy and creepy.

  1. Is it love and infatuation?

There is big difference between love and infatuation and almost always everyone confuses infatuation for love. Infatuation can take place in a few days; love on the other hand will develop over months! So a few dates is not going to fill your heart with love, it is just the initial awe of spending time with the other person who makes you feel happy. You never know, the joy, excitement and ‘love’ may die after 10 dates and then you’ll be in a Catch 22! [Read: 7 Rules For Texting Your Partner ]

  1. You’ll be judged

Other people will judge your moves. There are plenty of fish in the sea; all keeping an eye on you. By saying, “I love you” too soon, you will gain a reputation that will hamper your future prospects because you will be tagged as vain and immature for making this silly move.

  1. You drift apart

In the excitement of finding #love, your relationship will jump start on a happy note. Yet, a fortnight later, you’ll realize that you’ll have gotten awkward with each other. Suddenly, you’ll are keen on night outs with your individual groups, rather than a night with each other. The word love has basically drawn you’ll apart, ruining the chances on a committed relationship in the future.  [Read: 20 Signs That You Are A Hopeless Romantic ]

  1. You’ll kill the love buzz

The first few stages of a relationship is a fun experience- the all-nighter phone calls, butterflies when you’ll hug, the goose bumps when you kiss in public is all the excitement of a new budding relationship. By introducing #love at this stage, you have just killed all the thrill of those moments.

  1. You’ll end up heartbroken

Saying ‘I love you’ to someone is a very risky job. You have barely known this person for about six weeks and you wish to bring back stars from the sky for him/her. To keep your heart, the opposite person may even say, “I #love you too,” but does he/she really mean it? Chances are that they have said it without any meaning. Things will seem okay for a couple of weeks, but post that your partner cannot keep up that mask and the reality will pop up – that he/she doesn’t feel the same gravity of emotions and it is you who will be left shattered. [ Read: 6 Non Verbal Signs Of #Love ]

  1. You won’t sound believable

Your partner will refuse to believe you at all! Any person will find it impossible to understand how you can feel such a strong feeling so soon in the relationship. Instead he/she will misunderstand you and doubt your intentions. So you may feel love for the person, but hold your horses and declare it at the right time.

  1. You don’t even know the person you “love”

It is popularly said that love is friendship; the longer your friendship the stronger your #love! So think twice if you have been dating him/her for just a few weeks. Take your time and put some effort in knowing the kind of person you are hanging out with. Try and build a strong base of friendship rather than plunging into #love! [Read: When we first met, I felt De JA VU ]

  1. Love turns into hate

Both of you’ll will jump start your new found relationship on a happy note. But it will dawn upon you that it is not really love that you have felt for this person and soon you will despise everything about him/her, including her presence. So avoid such harsh negativity and test the waters before jumping into anything as serious as love. [Read: 12 ‘Must Know’ Flirting Tips Every Guy Needs To Have In His Mind! ]

It is true that you can find #love at first sight and all that, but it is important to know that the feeling in reciprocated. Plus, the world that we live in today is practical, nobody believes in these fairy-tale stories. Even though you have fallen for your 5-date old partner stay calm and breathe. Remember, love is like wine, it is nurtured with time; so let it grow for a few more weeks and when you are certain that you’ve found your ‘the one,’ pop those three words.