Why it’s Good to Flirt as Teenagers Even When You Become Adults

Why it’s Good to Flirt as Teenagers Even When You Become Adults

Why it’s Good to Flirt as Teenagers Even When You Become Adults

We start discovering many things as we become teenagers. We discover love and indulge in several things which we would not get into as adults. We make several mistakes and learn from them.  Life takes a serious turn when we become adult-hoods and we lose the charm we had during our teenage years. People flirt even as they reach adulthood but their moves are a lot more restrained. They think that it would not be appropriate to make the kind of moves we used to make when they were much younger. You might be conscious about your age but the rues of flirting never change. In fact, the charm you exuded in your teenage ears should not go missing as you become an adult. You should try to hold on to that charm and flirt the same way used to back in the day. [ Read: Flirting Tips for Women that can Attract Men


Difference between a teenager and an adult

No matter how old you grow, you must remain young at heart. You must not let your age decide the way you lead your life. It is true that one gets mature with age but you could attain maturity even while keeping the child in you alive. You should have certain amount of enthusiasm to be able to flirt with others. As you become an adult, you are burdened with several responsibilities that do not let you remain that free-spirited person anymore. The point is that even if you are busy with a thousand things, you should not think about them while you go about flirting with people. You should come across as a fun and playful person and enjoy the moment while it lasts.

Here are a few ways in which teenagers flirt which you should use as an adult too:

  1. Being suave

You must work at developing a kind of personality that exudes charm. Work on a few things that will enable you to come across as a suave gentleman.  You need to conduct yourself in a sophisticated and classy manner when you go to approach someone. You should take a lot of care while grooming yourself and present yourself in front of other people. [ Read: Flirting Like Crazy Then Going Completely Cold ]

  1. Smile mischievously

You smile a hundred times in a day but when you intend to flirt with someone you must smile in a mischievous way. Your smile should be pleasant but at the same time it should convey the fact that you are interested in the person you are smiling at. If you are standing at a good distance, then your smile is the only thing that could get you noticed by them.

  1. Praise yourself

Boasting about oneself is a huge turn-off. However, you should not be too modest either. Do not refrain from praising yourself when you get the opportunity to do so. You have to let them know what your worth so that they take you seriously. You should highlight and talk about all the positive things about you which would make them take some interest in you. [ Read: Dealing With Your Man’s Flirty Female Friends ]

  1. Tease them

Their most common way of flirting with someone is to tease them or pull their leg. It is also a safe way as after teasing them for a while, you can observe their reaction and figure out whether they are interested in flirting with you. You could indulge yourself in a fun banter with them and wait for their reaction. If they do not have any objection to your advances, then you could go ahead and flirt with them.

  1. Compliment them

Everybody loves compliments. Paying a compliment to a person is an effective way of grabbing their attention. They will appreciate the fact that you paid them a compliment and will start talking to you. But, you should not go overboard with compliments. Your compliment should have a rhyme and reason behind it. If you compliment without any reason, they will know you are doing this just to talk to them. [ Read: 12 ‘Must Know’ Flirting Tips Every Guy Needs To Have In His Mind! ]

  1. Ask them out

After you get into a conversation which seems to be heading in the right direction, the next step is to ask them out on a date. Do not be in a hurry and ask them out immediately. You should pop up the question only when you are sure they are comfortable talking to you. Of course, flirting with someone does not have to culminate into a date. You are going to ask out someone on a date when you take things forward with them.

When you go out to flirt with someone, think of the tricks you used as a teenager. You might not be as young as you used to be as a teenager but you are still and attractive person. You should have the confidence to flirt with people around you. You should have the youthful charm intact when you flirt with someone.