What is Missing From Your Love Life?? Why is It so Unromantic??


What is Missing From Your Love Life?? Why is It so Unromantic??

Falling in love is easy. Feeling for your special someone is super easy. But, what if that romance is missing from your life?? And why it is that our partner seems to be less attracted towards us and gives more time to his/her work or career. I mean nothing can be more heartbreaking than this. We feel for each other, those little imperfections kind of kicked our love cupids and before we realized we were madly in love with each other. But now what happened that, life seems completely unromantic??

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What is Missing From Your Love Life?? Why is It so Unromantic??

To make your complications clearer we have come with some most important but mostly ignored points that matter the most in a relationship. Check them out!

#1. SEX-

Trust me it is not at all a taboo. Sex is the bonding of the two soul, it is that bond which connects two people from heart to heart. Don’t fear or ignore sex, let it happen and always trust the magic of new beginnings. Coming closer to each other both physically and mentally brings a new direction to the love life.

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Why people fear communication so much?? If you and your partner talk everyday, half of your problem gets solved. But, talking also includes listening! Yes, when your partner is saying something listen to it carefully. It’s like a two-way process- listen and reply. Mind you your feedback after the communication plays a pivotal role in shaping your relationship. So, one must always listen to what their partner has to say and reply accordingly.


Yes! Role playing. You have to understand your partner by getting into their shoes. And this is only possible if you pay close attention to what your partner has to say. Ask then what they want from this relationship, are there anything they feel which is not right?? If there is then what it is and how can it be solved! Communicating with your partner is so important and has so many connections.

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#4. Spend quality time

Noy you don’t have to take your partner to any lavish restaurant or hang out zone to spend some quality time. Just be there with them, just a small hand in hand talk is enough. Make your partner feel that they are really important in your life and nothing in this world can take their place. Just a little tight hug, small sudden surprises, love you texts instead of just “HMM”.

#5. Dressing up for your love

What is the harm in changing yourself physically for your partner?? I don’t find it something negative. Infact, you are doing it for the love of your life. And if not for them then for who you want to dress up?? Surprising your partner with a sudden makeover not only gives them surprise but also kind of rekindles that lost spark. Think about it!


Like visiting his/her office suddenly, taking a surprise lunch for your partner! Or even something like buying something online and sending it to your partner to their house. Waiting for your partner outside their class and escorting them back home! Planning a sudden small cozy dinner or lunch, allowing her to wear your shirt or anything. Let your romantic imagination flow……..

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What is Missing From Your Love Life?? Why is It so Unromantic??

Hmmhhh.. Was it clear now?? Basically in any relationship, SEX, and COMMUNICATION (that involves listening and replying) is the major highlight. You don’t have to always be on your romantic boots to fire up the romance. Just, just, talk more, listen carefully and yes, don’t ignore your fantasies. Love insights love, romance insights romance….#HopelesslyRomantic