Why I Went After A Bad Boy And Why You Should Not

Why I Went After A Bad Boy And Why You Should Not

Bad boy , Girls love bad boys – that is the popular notion. A lot of decent boys who I knew had a crush on me, stayed away from me as they thought I was more into the rugged, tough guys. And they were right. I was in college and fell head over heels in love with a guy in college. He rode a sports bike, came to the college in a leather jacket and had a brash attitude. He was outspoken and did not fear anyone. These were the qualities that drew me towards him. I thought he was my knight in shining armour. He would love me to death and protect me from all the evil forces in the world. My friends advised me to stay away from him and I knew that my parents would never approve of him. I did not pay heed to any advice or warning as I was sure that this is the guy I am destined to spend my life with. If you think that it was easy to woo him, you are wrong. He had a closely knit group of friends and I was far away from his social clique. A chance encounter made us bump into each other after which I had to do a hundred things to impress him. Eventually, things fell into place and we started dating. We were in a relationship for some time, much to the chagrin of my friends. We are not in a relationship anymore. What seemed to be the most beautiful thing in my life turned out to be my ugliest nightmare. I realized that dating a bad boy was the worst decision of my life and I regret it till date. Want to know why?

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Why I Went After A Bad Boy And Why You Should Not

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Here is a lowdown on why you should not run after a bad guy ever:

  1. He is insensitive

You expect your partner to be sensitive to you. He should be someone who would come running to you whenever you need him and would not think twice before dropping his important work to help you out. A bad boy would never do that for you. The one person he cares about is himself. He might be in a relationship with you but he will never be able to let go of his selfish nature. He is not a sensitive person by nature. In fact, he could turn out to be most emotionally numb person you have come across in your life. So, you cannot expect him to be caring, kind or compassionate towards you.

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  1. Get you into trouble

Bad boys have a penchant for attracting trouble. If you are dating a bad boy, you will eventually fall in trouble and pay for his deeds. You are a peace loving person and wish to stay away from troubles of all kinds but this comes with the territory. You must be ready to face adversaries if you have decided to get into a relationship with a bad boy. You might not have even hurt a fly but if you are with him, you have to bear the brunt of his bad relations with dangerous people. It would be difficult to foresee the trouble coming your way as you are not used to being in such kind of a situation.

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  1. Take you away from friends and family

Do not expect the guy to take time out to know your family and friends. He will not give a damn about the importance of your friends and family in your life. He will force you to give all your attention and time to him and would not allow you to spend any time with your friends and family. Being in a relationship should not take you away from your loved ones. People whom you have known for so long and are dear to you should not become less important to you after you start dating him. You might understand the value of your friends and family but you cannot expect him to share the same sentiments. Getting into a relationship with him would mean going far away from your friends and family.

  1. He has issues

Most of the guys who have a brash attitude and appear to be rough and tough, have several issues in their life which makes them cynical and acquire a bold personality. You live in your happy world with your friends and family who love you but he comes from a starkly different background which you will find difficult to adjust to. You might want to share his troubles and help him out but sometimes, it is too late to change people or sort our their issues. So, instead of getting into their life and trying to change the way they look at the world, it is advisable to stay away from them.

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Dating a bad boy was a very bad experience for me and I would suggest everybody to steer clear of such guys. They might seem attractive at first but when you discover them, you would realize that dating them is not as fun as it seems to be.