Why do Some Men Like to Watch Girl Fights?


Why do Some Men Like to Watch Girl Fights?

Have you ever wondered why men love to watch women fight? Ever wondered what exactly makes them enjoy girl fights? Well, look no further! We will explain to you, point-by point, what makes men enjoy watching women having a go at each other. Read on! [ Read: 6 Ways to End Fights and Conflicts Quickly ]

Why Do Some Men Like to Watch Girl Fights

1. They see a new side of women

Girls/women are usually considered to be elegant, lady-like, and dignified. So when they put all this aside and start fighting, it’s a while new side of them that men get to witness. It isn’t a common sight, so it’s bound to be fascinating!  [ Read: Ways To Keep A Relationship Working


2. Comedy quotient

Keeping in mind the previous point, since it is not often that we see a full-blown girl fight, and since girls don’t usually fight physically, their moves and their way of fighting often tends to be comical. Even if the emotions involved are of pure anger, it is quite possible that onlookers will find the incident amusing, and have a good laugh.

3. Men love fights

Although girl fights are more entertaining because they’re a rare sight, it is true that men love watching fights in general. From their childhood, boys love watching wrestling and martial arts because it appeals strongly to males. How can you, then, blame them for enjoying a good fight between two women? [ Read: 10 Issues on Which Men and Women Always Differ ]

4. Possibility of a wardrobe malfunction

When men fight, it often results in them tearing each other’s clothes apart. So if two women are fighting, just the possibility of one tearing the other’s clothes keeps men’s eyes glued to the fight. It isn’t a very gentlemanly thought, but it’s definitely true!

5. More girls usually join

Girls are usually very particular about their opinions and refuse to back down from them. Also, girls are always ready to support other girls whom they agree with. This is a recipe that usually causes a fight between two girls to end up as a fight between 10 girls – 5 on each side. As for the men watching the fight, they’ll be thinking ‘The more, the merrier’! [ Read: 10 Trust Issues in an Online Relationship ]

These are a few reasons why men love to watch women fight. It’s not like men don’t care for women or are insensitive, it’s just that they wouldn’t wanna miss out on such a great show!