Why do People Reveal their Emotions to People who don’t Know Them and People whom they don’t Know on Social Media?


Why do People Reveal their Emotions to People who don’t Know Them and People whom they don’t Know on Social Media?

There are several human emotions which every individual witness from time to time. A new trend to reveal emotions on social media platforms have developed with changing times. No matter what we don’t want to miss a chance to reveal our emotions on such platforms. What strikes our  team attention is what makes us eager to share our emotions to people who we don’t know and to the people who don’t know us. We say this because there are many people whom we add to our respective accounts without knowing much about them. We add them because they are mere a known face to us. Still we get eager to reveal our emotions to them. Have you ever wondered Why? LikeLoveQuotes.com is trying to seek the answer.

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Why do People Reveal their Emotions to People who don't Know Them and People whom they don't Know on Social Media

Why We Reveal Emotions On Social Media Platforms?

What do you understand by the term emotion? Emotion can be defined as a strong feeling deriving from ones circumstances, moods and relationships with others. There are different kinds of emotions which every individual experience at some point of time. The different kinds of emotions are Happiness, Sadness, Anger Disgust, Fear and Trust. These emotions govern our behavior and determine our actions. There were times when we used to express our feelings or emotions only to the people we know and to those whom we interact on one to one to basis. Our emotions were confined to those persons only who were concerned about us in true sense.

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But with the changing times we find one to one human interactions are lost completely. All we get to see today is that technology have forced us to confine ourselves within the four walls of the House. Technology has given rise to less human interactions on one to one basis. Instead what we have adopted is to reveal our emotions on various social media platforms. Our life has become so ‘Public’ these days that we wait for something to happen so that we can express our emotions on all the social media platforms we are active on. The word ‘Privacy’ has lost its meaning and does not exist in any sense in our lives.

What we really don’t understand is that what makes us so eager to reveal our personal emotions to the hundreds or thousands of people we follow on these known social media platforms. The answer to this question can be both negative and positive. The positive aspect behind this can be seen as it helps us reach out to the larger audience at a time and we can easily express our views with them. Yes, what we really need to work on is to resist expressing our Personal Emotions and Personal Feelings

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We understand that there are circumstances when you can’t resist sharing the things with your friends and family on social media. But you need to know there are many people who you consider a known face and is not at all concerned for such information from your end. So, why we should make our emotions public to such people. This is because these are the ones who just mock and enjoy such things rather being concerned for your emotions. Thus, there is no need to reveal our emotions to one and all.