Why Do Guys Lose Interest In You After Sleeping With You?

Why Do Guys Lose Interest In You After Sleeping With You?

You slept with your boyfriend. Both of you had a wonderful time but now he does not take your calls and seems unavailable to meet you. You realize he has lost interest in you. Why did that happen? Several women might have gone through this experience and they are left to wonder as to why the guy severed ties with them after sleeping with them. You were serious about the guy and wanted to hold on to him but he disappeared after that night. [ Read: 10 Signs He’s Faking Love Just to Sleep With You ]

Why Do Guys Lose Interest In You After Sleeping With You-likelovequotes

Here a few reasons as to why guys lose interest in you after sleeping with you:

  1. He was never serious

The harsh truth could be that he was never serious about you in the first place. He got close to you and made you believe that he loves so that he could sleep with you. Getting intimate with you was the only thing he was interested in. He staged everything to achieve what he wanted. [ Read: Reasons Why Guys Start to Ignore You after Sleeping with You


  1. He was confused

He was confused about his feelings. That is why he never got back to you after that day. Sometimes, even when people are in a relationship they are not sure whether they are serious about their partner. When they realize it gets too late. He realized later that he was never in love with you and after the realization hit him, he ran away.

  1. Fear confrontation

Some people lack the courage to say that they do not wish to be in the relationship any more. There could be various reasons behind them wanting to move out of the relationship but the bottom line is that they fail to muster enough courage to inform the same to their partner. They do not have the heart to tell their partner that they wish to break up with them. [ Read: 10 Sad Love Quotes That Make You Cry For Him.]

  1. Something has come up

We go through some adverse situations in life which force us to keep all our personal commitments on the backburner and focus on the issue at the moment. At such times, we are left with no option but to let go of anything else that seems important and resolve the problem. This causes distance between our loved ones which may cost us dearly.

  1. Cannot reach out

If your boyfriend has been away only for a while, you should not panic and wait to hear for him. Maybe wants to reach out to you but is not able to because of some issue. You should not get overly concerned unless it is too log since he has been gone. You should be patient and wait for him to call you up. These days, it is very easy to be connected with your loved ones. However, the network can be bad and internet connections are not always reliable. You have to take these things into account and stop yourself from getting worried. [ Read: 30 Sensual Lines That Will Definitely Make Your Man Smile ]

  1. He has found someone else

He was in love with you but that is a thing of the past. He does not have feelings for you anymore and has fallen for someone else. You should deal with this truth and move on. Our emotions are not always in our control and they can make us move in different directions. Even it may seem unfair, you should be glad that he is not confused about his feelings and is away from your life.

  1. He is commitment phobic

There are a lot of people out there who are in relationships but are afraid of making commitment. Commitment is very important in a relationship. Also, you need to be mature enough to live up to the commitment you have made. If you are commitment phobic, being in a serious relationship will make you feel suffocated and you would want to run away. [ Read: 12 Clear Signs You Have Big Commitment Issues! ]

  1. He thinks it was a mistake

Though you cherish the moments spent with him and have no regret about what you did, he considers it to be a mistake. There could be different reasons behind him thinking it to be a mistake but the fact remains that he regrets doing it. He is feeling guilty about it and wants to stay away from you.

  1. You do not interest 

He was fascinated by you at first and that is the reason he got in a relationship with you. But now, he has lost interest in you and wants to look for love elsewhere.  You should never blame yourself if a guy loses interest in you. Do not change yourself for anyone. If he does not find you interesting, then he clearly cannot see what a wonderful person you are. [ Read: How to Maintain Your Partners Interest in You ]

   10. He has moved on

He has moved on in life. And it is time you do, too. If he has been way for too long now and you are still waiting for him, then you are doing nothing but wasting your time. There is no point in waiting for him if he has made up his mind and has told you clearly that he is not coming back to you. Do not waste your life. Instead, go out and start looking for people who will love you for what you are.

 If a guy loses interest in you after sleeping with you, then you must not get disheartened. A lot of times girls blame themselves and think there must be some fault within themselves that compelled the guy to move away from them. You should not blame yourself and instead, move forward in life.