Why Are You Still Dating The Wrong Person?

Why are You Still Dating the Wrong Person?

You do not see too many singletons out there. In today’s times, it is not difficult to find someone you can go out on a date with. You wish finding true love would be that easy. While most people do look for companionship, they are not willing to commit. The problem arises when one of them is willing to commit but the other person is not. You might have thought your partner to be the one who would hold your hand forever and go all the way with you. But, s/he did not turn out to be that person. You realize this but there is something that holds you back from getting out of the relationship.  [ Read: Find Out are You Dating the Wrong Guy? ]

Here are 10 reasons why you are still dating the wrong person:

Why Are You Still Dating The Wrong Person

  1. Love

Even though your partner does not love you as much (which you are fully aware of) you cannot help but love them. Love, often, turns out to be a misleading or a confusing emotion. You get drawn to a person even if they do not show much interest in you. Here, you are in a relationship with someone. You do not get enough in return for your love towards your partner but you cannot stop yourself from loving them.  [ Read: 13 Simple Ways To Avoid Falling In Love With The Wrong One! ]

  1. Optimistic

Things are not working between the two of you but you are an optimistic person and you believe that things will get better after a while. While it is not bad to have a positive approach towards things, but there is a thin line between being optimistic and being unreasonable. If you genuinely feel that things will get better, then keep working on your relationship but if you know that nothing is going to change, then you must stop trying.

  1. Habit

It is difficult to get rid of old habits. You have got habituated to being in a relationship with your partner. You do certain things you would do only with your partner. Both of you dine at a particular restaurant; make time to watch your favorite show and so on. You find it difficult to imagine doing these things alone.  [ Read: 12 Minute Signs You Are Being Manipulated By Your Lover ]

  1. You are in denial

Even though you are going through a lot of issues, you refuse to address them. You are scared of facing the truth and brush it aside. You must understand that shying away from problems would not solve them. You must start dealing with the issues you have with your partner and try to work things out. If they still do not get resolved, you must move out of the relationship.

  1. Hate being single

 If you are someone who always looks for company, then the thought of being single is something you dread the most. Having a partner or being in a relationship has their perks and even if you are not happy with your partner, you are not ready to wear the single tag as yet. [ Read: How Taking a Break in a Relationship Works ]

  1. Do not want to hurt them

If you decide to break yourself out of the relationship, you will have to let your partner know about it soon. Now, that is something that worries you. You might have compatibility issues with your partner but they have treated you well. You would hate to break their heart and that is something that stops you from taking the plunge.

  1. You expect them to change

You do not like the partner the way they are but you are hopeful they will change for the better. There must be something that attracted you towards them in the first place. While they have qualities that appeal to you, they have certain traits you cannot adjust to. You stay in the relationship hoping that they would turn a new leaf soon.  [ Read: How Self Respect Affects You and Your Relationship ]

  1. Occupied with work

You are busy with your career and your work takes up most of your time. That leaves you with no time to mull over your relationship and try to make things right. You do not have any time to spend with your partner and come to a decision as to whether you want to continue with the relationship or not.

  1. You are emotional

You are an emotional person and a relationship is a huge deal for you. You have invested a lot into the relationship and you just cannot let go of it. Your partner may not value it as much as you do but your heart is firmly entrenched in the relationship. Just the thought of breaking up with your partner brings tears to your eyes.  [ Read: Abandonment Issues and How it Affects Your Relationship ]

  1. You don’t have friends

There is nobody in your life whom you can call yourself as your friend. If you let go of your partner, you will have nobody to talk to and your life will be lonely as hell. Even if you are dating the wrong person, you feel that you still have someone whom you can count upon. It is hard to let go of the only support system you have. A wrong person does not n necessarily mean a bad person.

A wrong person is someone who is not compatible with you and vice versa. You need to be with someone whom you can be happy with. If your partner is not that person, there is no point in being in the relationship. If you dump your partner, they will be hurt. But, being in a relationship with them, while having no love left for them, will end up hurting them in the long run.