Where do I Choose to Go???

Where do I Choose to Go???

I am walking alone on a boundary, I see two different areas towards my left, and it’s a noisy world, full of humans, gadgets, machinery and animals… [ Read: Feeling Of Falling In Love With My Best Friend – Story ]

Where do I choose to go
– Written by: Deepa Jodidar (member of LikeLoveQuotes.com)

This place is very noisy, never gets calm, this place is dark but has some artificial lights that pricks my eyes, and this place has every comfort that is materialistic to me.

I see people living for society, people fight, people hate, people love, I find people lost, I see people living just to impress others, I see people cheat, hurt each other, I see people living with fear, I see people suffering, I see people trying to attain perfection, I see injustice, I see people trying to prove their superiority, people gain power by suppressing the weak ones, man made rules…

You are not respected for being yourself, you are forced to follow others thinking which is ideal because that person has achieved a lot thinking that way,

and you are forced to be replica of each other…

Basically I see people who live without conscious….

There is attachment here on both humans and material, there is emotional bonding here, and there is insecurity, possessiveness, fear of losing life, things and their loved once. [ Read: Difference Between Love and Marriage Explained [ In A Short Story ] ]

I see everything here that will soon have an end.

On my other side, it is a place with nobody around, its pleasant, peaceful, there is some kind of natural mild music that plays at the background , it is calm and colourful it’s also bright, it’s just me here, I am contented here being alone, I do not fear about anything in this place, I am not attached to anything or anybody, I have the strength potential to achieve what I want, this place has no end, there is no time factor here, most importantly I am just myself here..

Yes, I am very much willing to stay here, but I also belong to the other place because I am a human, I am tied up with relationships, commitment, people, I am supposed to enjoy the gadgets and every human made comfort, where my mind is forced to be more of others and less of me……

How I wish I could choose doing what exactly keeps me happy…

In reality, these two places can never meet any given time, they are unique, they are isolated, and all I can do is keep walking straight forever……..

And the question will always bother me, where do I choose to go??? [ Read: The Story Of A Perfect Couple ]

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